May 7, 2008

I came across this spiral Postalco notebook in the latest May 2008 issue of GQ American. At the bottom of the page, seemingly out of nowhere, the editors of GQ mentions this spiral notebook as their favorite. They carry them around and ‘beat them up’. Mike Abelson, the owner of Postalco, mentioned that the cover is made of cotton and wears like a nice pair of denim. Postalco has a shop in California, around LA I think. I’ll have to check the magazine for the address. A search on the web brings up an on-line order, however the language is in Japanese. The retailers carrying these products are extensive and re-known. I wrote an email, and to my surprise, Mike replied. I’m awaiting for the arrival and will be featuring the notebook in the near future.

There is the mysterious Map book: No. 10010

All maps show how we understand space, from directions drawn on napkins to maps of ancient Egypt. Having a unreliable sense of direction and getting lost often is how the authors gathered the collection of hand drawn maps featured. These hand-scrawled maps may reflect how we really understand the spaces around us. -Postalco

That quote really captures the way I feel about maps and visual thinking. I’ve gotten lost a number of times and I’m always fascinated as to how I reorient myself again.


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