The Five Languages of Love

May 5, 2008

Over the wonderful sunny weekend, I went on a hike with some friends to Angels Rest. While hiking we spoke about relationships. One person mentioned ‘The Five Love Languages’ by Gary Chapman. I did a quick search on my to add it to my ‘List of Candidates’ (Steve Leven of Levenger’s term from his Bookography concept.) Any how, Amazon has a package deal with includes a faux leather journal for writing to accompany the reading of the book. However, due to popular demands, it is currently not available on Amazon. Try Ebay.

How do you discover your spouse’s – and your own – love language? Chapman’s short questionnaires are one of several ways to find out. Throughout the book, he also includes application questions that can be answered more extensively in the beautifully detailed companion leather journal (an exclusive set). Each section of the journal corresponds with a chapter from the book, offering opportunities for deeper reflection on your marriage. – Cindy Crosby.

I think this is a great present for Mother’s Day idea.

Other books about relationships: Passionate Marriage


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