Coffee and notes

April 4, 2008

Coffee and notes

Originally uploaded by Duc N. Ly.

It’s always a difficult decision: what to pack? I took this notebook because I had notes from the previous visits in 2004. The silver pens are newly acquired and I thought I bring them along.
The Zebra gel (middle of the picture) pen didn’t survive the plane ride well. For some reason, perhaps the change in altitude and airplan pressure, the gel pen skips alot.

3 Responses to “Coffee and notes”

  1. dakegra Says:

    How do you find the Staedtler? I’ve been considering one for a while now.

    and what’s the pen on the right?

  2. ducly Says:

    The pen on the right is a ball point pen zebra F-701. I paid $7 us dollars for it. It’s made to look like the traditional drafting pencil. I like the heavy solid barrel of stainless steel. The other zebra G-301 is much lighter of stainless steel and plastic.
    I do like the Staedtler Mars Professional but have some complaints about it. The barrel is plastic cover in silver finish which can be scratched. The cap doesn’t post very well. It comes with three interchangable refills: .35 .5 .7 I use the .7 for writing and sketching alot. In drafting, different line weights are required. I think it’s cumbersome to keep interchanging the line weight of the refills. I rather have a barrel hold each line weight. The set comes in a servicable plastic container. price $25 approximately.

  3. Chet Says:

    Did you bring along the AlphaSmart? Best writing tool!

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