March 6, 2008

I woke up with a thought that I would be writing about this trendy stationer call Nava from Italy.

I came to this designer notebook through of all things…PencilTalk which is in the blogroll below. PencilTalk or Stepen has written some wonderful reviews and has maintain an integrity that I admire, no sponsorship or commercial ambitions. Most of the blog concentrates on pencils and mechanical pencils. I’ve been getting back to pencil drafting and the site is a great resource. But once in a while, he writes a deft review of notebooks such as the nava notepad.

Jenifer Hsu also named it the notebook of the year 2007 in her blog The Notebook Museum, also in my blogroll down below.

Nava’s site will be up soon.

Meanwhile you can order through: – The site has great links for designers, some humorous and some very useful. – I really like their logo and they are a great connections to European trends. I found it via Stephen’s Pencil Talk.


One Response to “NAVA”

  1. Stephen Says:

    Hi Duc, thank you very much for the kind words! The feedback is very energizing.

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