Journals are scared manuscripts….

February 14, 2008

I got to know Elena in the ‘Letter’s Lives’ group on flickr.  We exchange one letter.  Lately, Elena has put together some of the finest journals.  I really like her description of what a journal is:
Journals are sacred manuscripts that hold the makings of our Selves in our lives. They are magical containers for our weavings and meanderings through all of our human existence. Writing your-Self down into a book made of sacred images and by intentioned hands, creates a container for the alchemy that forges you into a new being.This 5×7 journal is hand bound using a coptic stitch, and has for its covers two 5×7 art canvases hand painted and collaged with original art. The book lies flat and has 200 pages which have torn edges giving it a very organic feel. The pages are a bit larger then the covers giving it a chunky feel. Theres a tender energy to the book, but it is sturdy and able to hold your inner mysteries.
 I love this journal. It came so effortlessly. I was in a state of reconnection to the stillness within. That place that is so deep inside that its actually located in the infinite space of the universe. The image, the mantra, the sacred Om… the peace of Buddha all came dancing together from this original place in the ethers.I’m not Buddhist, yet so much of my spirituality is informed by it. And I am forever grateful and touched over and over again from being in India, in Dharamshala, where His Holiness the Dalai Lama resides… Seeing him there, being there pierced my heart. And its a portal I travel through when its time to Return.On sale at


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