Wrike Review

February 11, 2008


I’ve been using Wrike, which is a web-based task management tool, for my GTD.The concept behind Wrike is that most people send emails to delegate tasks or collaborate with word documents and share files. The programmers at Gmail attempt to design a system to assign GTD task tags to each email. I think this may have been the seed to a new concept which Wrike is perfecting. Although Wrike carries this further by allowing users to assign tasks to people.
I use Wrike for GTD. It saves me probably 20 minutes a day. I set up a folder call 01 Inbox; 02 Next Action; 03 Waiting For; 04 Project List; and finally, 05 Someday/Maybe. These will be arranged at the top of the folder. I leave the pre-loaded files from Wrike as useful help guide if I need to reference it in the future. I put everything into the 01 Inbox folder if I can’t decide in seconds where it should go. I then process my inbox later. Wrike is working on the drag and drop feature which will greatly ease the use of rearranging tasks and files. (It’s up and running! And it’s so convenient. The official release news will be announced. It only took the team several months to make it happen.)
I use the email delegate feature often. Wrike lets you create and share tasks via email. How does it work? For example, my nephew’s laptop broke recently and I am working with him to send it back for repairs. I put it to my assigned task, under Project List and email him via my Wrike task list. Under the assign section, I simply add his email address and Wrike will remember it for the next time. The task is then shared with him via email. This idea is truly ingenious and increases productivity. It is also simple and elegant. I don’t have to log in to another email account to send a task.
Recently, I get important emails about Wrike links to other reviews. I want to keep track of this under a project call Wrike. I created a special folder for the project. Let me explain what I mean by specific category. I start out with ‘My Folders’ and set a sub folder call “3 @ Project List”. Then I set up a folder under this category call “Wrike”.
So I email to wrike@wrike.com. One can also assign this email to a specific category in the Wrike folder. I also put important emails for reference to a particular project. The emails tend to get lost if I don’t forward it to Wrike’s project list.
I often upload files from the work computer to Wrike and later retrieve it at home or in a café meeting with a friend as needed.
Wrike is an elegant productivity tool which is easy to use and works smartly as a collaborative tool. It is also fun to process the task and keep track of projects. There are improvements which I would like to see. One is a Calendar that is large and easy to read. This feature is coming in a couple of months! Wrike has released the time-tracking feature this week, and that it will help you to track the time you spend on each task. This is a very useful tool for contract hourly work. This is one of the wish list items from the users. As you can see, Wrike team is very accommodating. My other wish list is to provide users with a more comprehensive tool such as a Planner, spread sheet, word processing, and a Notebook like application to organize notes with notebooks, tabs, and pages much like the Microsoft OneNote 2007.

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6 Responses to “Wrike Review”

  1. Daria Says:

    Thank you for your review and for your good words. We appreciate your feedback. By the way the drag-and-drop feature has been officially released. You can try it in your workspace and read more about how it works in our blog http://www.wrike.com/blog/02/09/2008/Drag_and_Drop_for_Tasks__Move_and_Copy_Tasks_to_Folders_Easily
    Some other features that you’ve mentioned are already in our development plan. Stay tuned!

  2. ducly Says:

    Thank you for providing such a useful web application. Tell the team to keep up the good work!

  3. Jerome Says:

    Duc you may wish to consider PMP HQ http://www.pmphq.com – the combination of comprehensive project management suite with wide arsenal of collaboration tools such as wiki, file sharing etc

  4. Dmitry Says:

    A lot has changed in Wrike since this review was written. Check out Wrike’s new features on our blog – http://www.wrike.com/blog/

  5. Hi,

    Maybe have a look at Apollo too! http://www.apollohq.com
    Apollo is both project management and CRM. It has cases&deals, timers, calendars, and much more.

    If you need anything, we are here!


  6. Ella Says:

    Without any doubt Wrike is good but I have the best alternative to it i.e ProofHub(www.proofhub.com). It has more features than wrike. It offers both free and paid plans.

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