tisimi Winners

January 7, 2008

Congratulations to all the tisimi winners!!! What a way to start out the new year! My dream of owning a Mac has come true. I won the first prize from tisimi.com. It’s true that I’ve been a supporter of tisimi since it’s first day when I found out about it. I uploaded my design projects and migrated some works from flickr to tisimi because it was about design and concepts. The cool thing about tisimi is that it’s not just one picture but a whole project.

tisimi is happy to announce the winners of the Winter 2007 innovation contest. The winners are based on ratings and number of votes at the time of closing.

1st place goes to Lexly87 who has been a major contributor on the site since its beginning, and who continues to come up with great ideas in architecture and design. Lexly87 will be the proud new owner of a MacBook with Windows Vista Home Edition, Corel Painter X, and CorelDRAW Graphics Suite X3.

Check out Lexly87’s cool ideas here: http://www.tisimi.com/user/lexly87

2nd place goes to Cpvt1987 who has uploaded some innovative industrial designs and ideas. Cpvt1987 will be the proud new owner of a Kodak Digital Camera and Printer, and iPod Shuffle.

Check out Cpvt1987’s cool ideas here: http://www.tisimi.com/user/cpvt1987

3rd place goes to CWilk who has uploaded several cool designs and architectural ideas. CWilk will be the proud new owner of a Fly Mobile phone and an iPod Shuffle.

Check out CWilk’s cool ideas here: http://www.tisimi.com/user/CWilk

A big thank you goes out to our sponsors, Kodak, Corel, and Fly for supplying the prizes for the contest.

Enter the new contest now where you can win $1,000!

Thank you all for your great ideas and innovations.

Continue spreading the word about tisimi.

Stay innovative.

The tisimi team

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3 Responses to “tisimi Winners”

  1. Chet Says:

    Congratulations, and welcome to the world of Macs!

  2. ducly Says:

    Thanks Chet! I didn’t know you have a Mac.

  3. Chet Says:

    I have a 13.3″ black MacBook with Parallels installed to let me run Windows inside the Mac OS because of a specific programme that I use that is only available in Windows.

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