Note and OneNote

December 13, 2007

For a while now, I’ve been wanting to get into Mac for the iWorks software. After some research on the web, I find that it may not be necessary. There is talk that the new MS office 2007 is even better. Was this true? I down loaded the trial version. I was impressed with the editing interface of Word 2007. The screen looked much cleaner and the tabs are logically and intuitively organized so that I could find the commands I need when I need it.

But the really cool thing is OneNote. For years, I’ve been trying to organized the typed up diaries or other writing documents and I have a hard time keeping track of it all. OneNote is programed to look like a book. It is book based, meaning that documents can be put together much like a paper book. It begins with Notebook. Then tab or dividers can be added to show up on the top. Then pages can be added and they show up on the right hand side of the margin, while the notebooks are placed on the left margin.

I had a hunch that most of this was some where on line. I look back to Zoho and sure enough, Zoho has an application call ZohoNote. It is similar to OneNote but more limited. Note doesn’t have notebook and there is no drag and dropping of tabs or pages.  But it is free.

I have a OneNote Notebook I call Diaries. I can group my tabs into a collection, 2007 diary and in that collection there are 12 months.  I can do this for 2006, 2005, etc.  Everything in one place.  Then I also keep a back up of old word documents.  Having everything in one book interface makes it easier to look back.

Working on the page is very free flowing. Instead of the traditional type set, text and images can be more dynamic.


2 Responses to “Note and OneNote”

  1. judyofthewoods Says:

    I was just checking out a few note type apps. after discovering Tomboy on Ubuntu, and wanted something similar on my Windows computer to write quick notes and organise them in one central location. I also liked the linking feature. After checking out a few different apps. I found a few which do all that (they organise with some type of tree structure in a side panel) and even allow images to be inserted. The free versions were a little more limited and didn’t have the linking feature, but even the ones which weren’t free were not overly expensive, starting at about $30. One of the best, which can be tested in full working mode for a limited period is TreePad which can also be used for creating web pages and ebooks like help manuals. I think I will cough up for the license. But first I will also check out Zoho. Thanks for the timely post.

  2. Oops, forgot – the other two worth investigating are
    AM-Notebook – but the free trial is nag ware, though nice features, including support for spreadsheets. And NoteCase with a freeware and a pay version. The freeware is very basic though.

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