Patrick Rhone’s Circa

December 3, 2007

Wality 52

Originally uploaded by patrickrhone.
I’ve been following Patrick’s blog for a while now. It was through his post that I found out about Cornell paper and also GTD with Base Camp. It seems Patrick is getting into analogue big time!

What I also like about this notebook is the tab. The white tab looks so much cleaner then my colorful tab which makes the white labels stand out too much. Here the white labels of the label maker blends in nicely.

Somewhat related:

Patrick’s trip to Levenger review of the Circa Steno


One Response to “Patrick Rhone’s Circa”

  1. rroossinck Says:

    Hey, those Wality 52s are nice pens, eh? I gave two of them as graduation gifts last year to some kids in the youth group I help direct. Great value, too!

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