Evolution Journal Arrival!

November 12, 2007

Evolution Journal Jacket with Pocket 2

Originally uploaded by Duc N. Ly.
A few months back, I became aware of the Commonplace Journal. I was not successful in making one of my own. Recently, Levenger has made an entry into this method of keeping notes. Now, it ‘s hard press to find this Commonplace journal on the market. Most of it has been home made. The fact that Levenger has enough faith in this type of journal says lot about their willingness to test the market. There has been a up surge of demand for old style types of journal and methods of keeping notes.

Before I get into what and how the commonplace book is designed, I would like to give my first general impression. At first I was very excited to see that a major company like Levenger is making a Commonplace book. I’ve look everywhere and I could not find it. Along with this line are the blank and ruled journals. The paper quality is meant for fountain pen inks. Sure one can write in it with a ballpoint pen but if you really wanted to be transported back in time, pick up a nice fountain pen and let it flow. The guild edge often entice me to open up the journal to find precise lines, numbered pages, and a touch of flourish at the top of every page.

Along with these lines of journal, Levenger made a series of jackets. I had already seen the Infinity Journal and have been lusting after it for a while. But I was lucky enough to received the Evolutionary Journal from Ryan! What began as a simple request from Ryan to feature the Commonplace book has evolved into the Evolution Journal. From the catalog, I was immediately intrigued. My first reaction: this is a Moleskine on Steroids. As the name suggest, perhaps recall Darwin’s maxim of the survival of the fittest. One can imagine that Charles Darwin might have a journal similar to this for his field work. It certainly has the weather protection enclosure. In Ryan’s words: ‘It is feature rich’. It has a deep pocket, a ribbon page marker, pen loop, and a flap to keep everything bounded together into one svelte package with the journal power and capacity to carry one through a dreary rainy afternoon. The pocket is really user friendly or very accessible. The pen loop is very handy and the flap with the invisible magnetic closure makes it a travel protection for the precious pages inside. I have the large size, which is about the size of the junior Circa Fold Over. It is less bulky then it looks in the paper catalog. The jacket really fits snugly over the paper journal. I’ve decided to use it as my diary for the coming year. With the ability to index in a Commonplace style, I can go back for that novel idea. There is also the pre-printed diary agenda that one could slip in and use it for business. It really looks professional and thin.

The Evolution Journal Cover is made of Full Grain Leather.
The design was inspired by an antique finds. It is based on a journal that was discover at an antique store. Levenger has revised their line of Journal.  There are three types of leather cover in three different sizes. This allows for an astonishing selection of choices. In a way, this follows the lead of the Circa system. Although, the letter size is not yet available.  The great advantage of a leather journal is that I can use it one year after the next.  Rather then committing to one style of journaling, I can change from day to day or month to month or year to year while the cover stays and earn a character through each use.



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5 Responses to “Evolution Journal Arrival!”

  1. @Stephen Says:

    Sweet! Now you know how I felt when I picked out my own.

  2. tschai Says:

    Hi duc, so great to have you back from you book leave! Hows ur nanowrimo coming along?

  3. ducly Says:

    Hi Tschai, I’m 33,000 words into Nanowrimo. I am exhausted sometimes due to lack of sleep but have made some progress :).Thanks for asking.

  4. That leather journal looks pretty good. I’ll have to wait for the revolution in leather journals I think.

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