Book Leave

November 6, 2007

I heard this phrase ‘Book Leave’ from Garrison Keilor when they air a repeat episode and Garrison is off to write. I thought I would be a Dilettante and use this phrase ‘Book Leave’. It has such a ring to it. Doesn’t matter if I’m writing a book or not … it can just be a lazy excuse not to post. NaNoWriMo is here. I’m typing away at my Alpha SmartPro. 8,013 words and counting.

I’ll be back to do a write up on the Common Place Book from Levenger.

Meanwhile, I give you these words from Naomi Novic. One of the surprise joys of joining the NaNoWriMo is receiving encouragements from writers on how to write. This one happens to involve paper and notepads! I thought you might enjoy it.

“The single most important technique for making progress is to write ten words. Doesn’t matter if you’re badly stuck, or your day is completely jam-packed, or you’re away from your computer—carry a small paper notebook and write a sentence of description while you’re waiting on line at a coffee shop. I think of this as baiting a hook. Even if you have a few days in a row where nothing comes except those ten words, I find that as long as you have to think about the novel enough to write ten words, the chances are that more will come.”….

“I like writing longhand a lot for clearing jams and rapidly generating new scenes. I don’t generally try and write complete scenes when I am writing longhand, I do more of a pencil-sketch version of a scene, all rough and scribbled, drifting in and out of outline form, full of shorthand and initials and incomplete sentences. This is also a easy way to get some polish in without losing speed—when you transfer the longhand to your computer, you’ll almost without thinking improve the sentences. And it’s fun having a physical artifact to commemorate the work—get one of those nice journals from your local bookstore, and if you are the kind of person who hates to waste money, spend enough on the journal that you will then feel bad if you don’t finish the novel.” – Naomi Novic


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