I gotta Pownce

November 1, 2007

Ducce here…I just woke up

and gotta Busta Rythme.

Give me some time,

I’ll wrap you up real good.

In my hood,

chillin’ with a Bang & O,

rappin’ 200 Words-per-minute,

in NaNoWriMo.

Keepin’ a word, not a body, count.

No, I ain’t no Dracula;

though, ‘Hungry like the Wolf‘.

You’re looking so deli.cio.us.

‘Think you’re kinda neat

Then she tells me I’m a creep’

Yeah, I’m in real deep,

the Czar of Social Media,

I’m all over Wikipedia.

I got my Posse Rassy!

I gotta Pownce baby.

VIP, I’ll shoot you an invite.

I see a Flickr.

I make my move,

in a drive-by shootin’.

I’ll contact your ghosts through a me.dium.

Like my Boy George says,

‘I’ll tumblr 4 ya‘.

I’m Gettin’ Things Done.

Wrike…WrikeSir Stephen style.

No, I’m not Dracula,

I’m ‘Hungry like the Wolf’.

I gotta bounce,

lookin’ for my Peeps to Pownce.



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