October 25, 2007

CSI_lud 001(2)

Photo by Ludvie

Did any one see last night’s CSI: New York? The episode Down the Rabbit Hole featured Second Life. Yesterday, in Second Life, I just received the landmark for the CSI Lab from Ludvie. When I was there, it was very crowded. People’s avatar dropped in ever few seconds. There is a team in world to solve crimes and Second Life residence can gather evidence to help solve the crime too. I need to read more of it. The television show was sponsored by Cisco and featuree the Second Life logo and a website to check out: cbs.com. In Europe, SL advertisement can be seen often on television. In the US, we mostly read about it in Forbes or some other publication. Could this signal a rise in Second Life’s advertisement on television? It seems other shows are following the lead. The Office also shows a worker’s computer with Second Life running.

The episode is called Down the Rabbit Hole. This is a good analogy comparing Second Life to Alice and Wonderland. The episode also includes reference to the Matrix. There is the all knowing White Rabbit. The agent is told to follow the White Rabbit into the Virtual world. The picture above shows the White Rabbit is killed. The premise of the show is that a Virtual celebrity on SL has been murdered. Some one else is assuming her Avatar. She is killed because she is well connected in SL. A congressman is also involved in the SL world. He is one of the hired assassin’s mark.

ducce in Suffulgium


Youtube.com sheep

YouTube footage




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4 Responses to “CSI: NY & SL”

  1. Rasmussen Says:

    I did a double-take when I realized they actually filmed in Suffugium! (a personal favorite sim)

    Link to snapshot

  2. ducly Says:

    No Way I didn’t recognized that as Suffugium! Then again, I don’t hang out in there as much as you do.

  3. kabalyero Says:

    Aw, poor bunny! 😦

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