My Alpha Smart Pro

October 24, 2007

AlphSmart Pro

The following was written on AlphaSmart Pro:

There are 8 files

I use the file 1 (F1) for diary, 2 (F2) for the nanowrimo 3 (F3) for blogging and 8 (F8) for dreams. I don’t have to push the save button, it is saved automatically. I can hop back and forth from one project to the next with out much effort, simply push the (F1) key. I connect the chord from the AS to the PC or Mac and open up a word processing blank file and push send. I can move the cursor all around in four directions using a cursor but not copy and paste. They are cheap enough to have two or three lying around. I should like to use just one for diary, each file dedicated to each month. I can have seven months and then the last file is dedicated towards the remaining months or do two months per file. I would like to have one at work and one at home.

After uploading the above, I thought I add some notes to the post. The Alpha Smart (AS) 3000 is better because I can up load files from my computer to the AS 3000 which I can not do with the AS Pro. There are no spelling check either which means that you can concentrate on your thoughts instead of correct spelling. If there’s a cheap one on ebay I’ll probably get it. But as it is, The AlphaSmart Pro is great for first drafts and keeping an informal diary. I could have purchase on ebay a USB cable for $27-30 which would make it easier to transfer the text to the laptop. But I didn’t want to spend more on the cable then on the keyboard. The Y pin cable I bought is a bit cumbersome as it works only with a computer unit with a Y pin connection. I don’t have to worry about people stealing my fancy laptop. I can write in a cafe or in a park. I take it to lunch with me outside or in a restaurant. It runs on 2 AA batteries for about 600-700 hours. I don’t have the glare of the computer to hurt my eyes.

COST: $16-17 for the actual keyboard, $11 shipping; Y pin Cable $6 + $6 shipping. Total $39 

One Response to “My Alpha Smart Pro”

  1. I use a newer model in school and I am thinking about buying one for personal use. (writing, to do lists, etc.)

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