Ludvie’s Calendar Page

October 2, 2007


Today I have a page from Ludvie’s calendar which she impulsively tore from the spiral bound and scanned for me.


Ludvie: u got that

me: got what?

Ludvie: email

me: o yeah

it’s so cute

can i post it?

Ludvie: haha ok sure

me: cool! II‘ll post it!

what does it say?

Ludvie: u dont understand my handwriting?

it says roald dahl RD norwegian born in landaff glamorgan

wartime going solo recipes?

penguin editions

me: i see going solo recipes lol. aha i thought it was in spanish

Ludvie: and monday 1 tuesday 2 october call – remember

me: you have nice cute lovely penmenship. and it’s a fountain pen ?

Ludvie: just uniball

me: oh so it’s a book?
Ludvie: but i do have lots of fountain pens and feathers.

me: clearly ur not a grown woman…using snoopy calendars?

oh i like fountain pens

Ludvie: the book is tales of the unexpected

me: aha …what about the recipes?

Ludvie: oh

that was funny

he has a book of anecdotes and recipes

from his wife

i should find it

me: lol

interesting notes!

Ludvie: haha

me: hm what shall the title be?

Ludvie: i have another one that says… what shall i do what shall i do


me: hehe

you have it scanned?

Ludvie: no

i just scanned that 4u

i dont know why i tear it away from the calendar


me: poor calendar

Ludvie: Alais editorial?

what the hell is that

me: it’s being posted

Ludvie: oh i should make clearer notes


me: no that’s just fine!

what shall i call it?

it’s being posted!

shall i add in the interview here? lol

Ludvie: haha

me: i’ll call it snoopy for now

it’s so freakin’ cute!

Ludvie: lol 

me: the poor bird looks nervous or excited

i like it!

Ludvie: 🙂

Ludvie: on the bottom it says

doubt secludes from ambition

me: Can I call it Ludvie’s Calendar Page?

Ludvie: of course you can

sure you can


i had already answered



me: xP i like the quote at the bottom!

Ludvie: not bad uh? but then it says on the other page

mercy is the highest virtue

me: hehe snoopy is so profound



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