September 25, 2007

I had read about Zhabit’s advice on waking up early in the morning. Although Leo of ZenHabits doesn’t condone that one waste time reading blogs or posting for that matter, I just felt like it this morning. Reading and writing is encouraged in the early quiet hours.

6.30 am. I went outside on the patio to listen. The single North Star is still shines bright as dawn breaks over the horizon. The roar of the highway beyond. I can hear the flapping of the crows wings above.

Recently, I was the film ‘The Brave Ones’. The character has a radio show. She speaks about the city of New York. Her voice and the recorded sounds in the New York city street seems so compelling. One of my favorite character in the television show Northern Exposure is Chris. He comments between the songs on his radio show at KBEAR has an authentic voice. There are any radio shows like that, that I know of.  Because I don’t have a radio show, just this humble blog, I thought that a post like this about voices would make sense.  I thought that a blog or post could have that atmosphere like the fictitious radio shows.

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