science friday_002

September 14, 2007

science friday_002

Originally uploaded by Duc N. Ly.
Taking my lunch break with Science Friday. I’m in Second Life with the Science Friday guys: Joe Palca and Ira Flatow. Last week the radio talk show focused on Second Life. The group started gathering on SL in the last two or three weeks. The average attendance so far is around 30 people. The rent cost for SL land is $200 per month. They are taking donation and giving out SL t-shirts. If you are on SL look up the group call Science Friday.

Ducce here for an update. Did you guys check out Sci Fri? It was totally awesome! Girls and math was the subject. I’ve volunteer to help promote this even on SL.

Ly: I thought it was a good topic. I’m trying to find the source to order the book for Kawaii-cat. Back last year, I was trying to help Kawaii-cat with negative numbers. I couldn’t find an easy way to explain it.

Ducce: Are you done? now get out!

Ducce here again. You see me in the front row there? It was so crowded! Do you like my fish nets? The white chest piece is my wolf accoutrement’s. It was quite engaging. I could throw out any questions I felt like asking or comment on the discussion and felt like I could reach these famous radio hosts. The show also streams audio in Sl so the international audience can listen live to the show. Wooo….Danica McKeller! the actress that play the role of Weenie on the ‘Wonder Years’ has a book out call “Math Doesn’t Suck: How to Survive Middle School Math Without Losing Your Mind or Breaking a Nail”


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