1001 Journals

September 14, 2007

Patrick’s post announcing the new 1001 journal project. I’ve been meaning to add Patrick’s Vox blog to the blog roll. In a chat with Tschai, I joke that Patrick will lure all of readers to his blog. It’s that good. By the way, Tschai also migrated to Vox recently. Both Patrick and I are the original Vox Beta testers. His posts are also about paper products and more. Because he owns his own stationary business, he gets to travel and sample all of the wonderful products. I wouldn’t mind that at all.

Now that I got the introduction out of the way, let’s talk about this interesting project call ‘1001 Journals’. I have tried to sign up in the past and I can’t seem to get a hold of one. I signed up again. The new website project seems more organized. There are three or four journals near by Oregon. We shall see. I made a comment on Patrick’s post about a journal which I was sharing with my members at the Gallery 114. I left the blank journal at the desk and artist doodle away while they were bored. Later on it was displayed in a gallery in a show about artist books. I will try to post some pages from that project. It’s a small scale. I would be interested in doing some of this project with friends and people who would be interested.

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3 Responses to “1001 Journals”

  1. tschai Says:

    i think you should start a traveling journal among your most trusted contacts. =) and with ALL the notebooks you have critiqued, im sure you wouldn’t run out of journals to send out. i have joined a few LAND ART MAILING OBJECT projects at nervousness.org and the feeling of getting responses is really exciting… although my traveling art journal still didn’t find its way home, the feeling of sending out something, is worth the experience…

  2. ducly Says:

    Tschai, I think that’s a good idea!

  3. Patrick Ng Says:

    Oh Duc, Tschai, thanks for the compliment really! I however don’t own my store, I was using “my store” as an employee and that made the confusion hehehe. A typical worker, but with privilege to travel with a paid increment which will take 5 more years to reach my previous salary….. part of me says worth it all, part of me says otherwise. Anyway, I love to be able to meet many stationery related people out there. In fact, I met Paperchase headquarter in London, I met small but very fine stationery store in Japan, etc etc. Just need to take time to update the blog and tell you guys all about my adventures 🙂

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