Kawaii-cat’s Mynd Story

September 7, 2007

mynd one ring

Here’s a little story from Kawaii-cat, my editor-in-chief, Da-Big-Cheese. I hope you enjoy it as much as I have:

One day [yesterday] 2nd period in French class, we were reviewing what we learned last year. Madam had us pick 14 index cards and punch holes in them and put a metal ring to hold them together. There were 3 hole punchers to go around about 20 people and the line went on for miles. So I then remembered I had my own index cards with a metal ring in my locker. http://www.myndology.com/ring.php it looked like the last one with all the different colors. So while the people in line were anxious to get their greedy hands on a mere hole punch, I asked Madam if I could go to my locker to get my Myndology index cards. She said sure and I brought the hall pass.

I came back with my awesome Myndology ring bound small index cards in assorted colors. So I sat at my desk, note cards in hand waiting for the next direction. Madam came to my desk to check out my cute note cards, she thought they were very cute and asked where I got them (très mignon ! où vous obtenir que? )
I didn’t know where I got these cards since tha-cho-cho [Duc N. Ly, ‘tha-cho-cho’ is Chinese for Big Uncle] got them for me. So I said staples. But I wasn’t sure. So then I used them as flash cards to say things like Ca va? (how are you?) and what is your name and stuffs.


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