The Bare Arrival!

September 6, 2007





Bare Arrival

Ah the long awaited (exactly 3 months!) Bare is here! Just in time for school. About a week ago, Jason – the Mind behind Mynd – sent me package of their new Bare Line via UPS Ground. While I’m still in-doors and don’t have available lights to photograph, I’m just make some quick notes. I’ll use the photo to illustrate later. The Bare line is made from:

  • 100% recycled and 30% post consumed products.
  • It is printed with soy ink.
  • The belly band proudly advertised this fact: The notebook is produced with 100% clean, renewable hydroelectric energy.
  • Chlorine free process
  • Acid-free paper (I believe this means that it’s archival. Often, recycle paper are not archival.)
  • Created with French paper
  • In case you didn’t know, the belly band is printed with ‘(RECYCLED) good thinking (RENEWABLE ENERGY) good thinking!

Bravo! There are few companies that make recycle high end paper products. So far I’ve only found one: myndology. This is ‘Good Thinking’! I can’t emphasize enough about recycling of papers. I often indulge in recycle projects myself. I’m guilty of paper waste. So when a acid free recycle paper comes along, I welcome it whole heartily. It makes me feel less guilty using it. I understand that it does cost more to produce such a product, and this is why some companies shy away from it. It takes a shift in different methods of production, I image, to do recycle products. But I think it’s a trend to go organic in the paper industry as well as apparel, foods, and accessories.

Size matters – (at least in the recycle paper world) Cost effectiveness may be one of the reason Myndology produced only two sizes for now, unless there are support and demand for a larger size. There is the Junior size 6.5 x 8.5 inches and the 4 x 3 inches Memo size which has three discs. They are offered in blank or lined pages. The pages has a warm vanilla tone compare to the pure whites. I assume it is because there is no chlorine to bleach the paper pulp to pure white. I like this for several reasons. One, it looks good with brown fountain pen ink. And two, it has less glare. I sit under a fluorescent lights eight hours a day at work, I see that compared side by side, the Bare has a nicer tone. In fact, it has a very similar color and quality to the Moleskine rule paper.

Bare Paper

Color – Over all, the designers of Duffy and Partners at Myndology choose a muted earthy tone compare to their more vibrant and wild colors of the previous lines. The plastic cover is replaced by double layer card stock paper folded. The top layer is laser cut with energetic and symbolic arrows alternately pointed at the eight cardinal directions. The whole effect is exotic and alive with the interplay of light and dark as it sits above another layer of the same color paper! This is a very unique design feature. I have not seen laser cut done on any other products. It is an innovative technique to improve our enjoyment of paper.

Laser cut on Bare
(For some reason these laser cuts reminded me of Cross’s AutoCross line of steering wheel leather cover which Jack Spade help to popularize.) These muted tones look right at home in a conservative office settings. The cover comes in three colors of Clay, Pine, and Sand. All of these are bound in a disc color of Sand. While I like the disc very much, I can’t help but dream up of new disc colors or maybe even start with the existing color of the cover and matching discs. This way, we would have three possible combinations to play with.

Memo – The Memo pages are still thin like the notebooks. Perhaps it’s hard to make a thick card stock like the 3×5 index cards. The 3×4 doesn’t match the standard 3×5. I wonder why Myndology chose 3×4 size. Perhaps because the paper maybe flimsy if the length extend another inch. Although I like the proportion of it. Myndology has their own size and ideal as to what is a good proportion. In a way, I applaud them for sticking to their guns. This means that the previous note book pages which I have 6.5 x 8.5 fits the Bare! I was worried about this. The backwards compatibility is nice. I think it would be nice to have a Memo with thick card stock paper of their existing covers. The Refill paper comes packaged in a box made of the same card stock as the cover. This is a much welcome improvement to the previous shrink wrapped refills.

Bare Memo

Myndology’s Bare line of paper products utilize recycle paper technology to innovate design and improve the enjoyment of paper for the consumers. I would not be surprised that this line of product would win awards and accolades from critics and users alike.

Coming Up: The Myndology Punch and Disc sold separately!

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8 Responses to “The Bare Arrival!”

  1. diysara Says:

    {forever jealous and in love} they look… simply DIVINE ♥

  2. tschai Says:

    soooo green with envy…how is the paper?

  3. ducly Says:

    @Sara: ❤ they are DIVINE
    @tschai: 🙂 very Green. In fact I was going to put some dirt in the box with the notebook to see if it would grow a mini size two disc notebook. The paper is excellent!

  4. Stephen Says:

    These look great. Any additional impressions after a few days?

  5. ducly Says:

    Well, So far I’ve been carrying around the Memo which fits nicely in a shirt pocket. Maybe the smaller size is better. People have been pawing it too much…lol. I also found out from Jason, that there’s going to be more products in the works from Myndology.

  6. Irian Says:

    Those notebooks look so sweet. Must get a hold of them now… I am very happy with the regular disc bound journals I purchased a few weeks ago. And more products are coming? Myndology is going to be the doom of my pocket if they keep introducing such sweet products!

  7. […] out a line of recycle products call the Bare.  I mention that this product should have won some prizes.  Yesterday, Treehugger took notice of the recycle notebooks!  Treehugger is a clean website […]

  8. There’s no better feeling than opening a box from UPS that had an order you’ve been waiting for.

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