EastGate Sketch book 1

September 2, 2007

EastGate Sketch book 1

Originally uploaded by Duc N. Ly.
Here’s my example of using a different medium in order to get in touch with my unconscious and dream image. I read about an accomplished musician, David Blum, who took up pastel to draw some of his dream images. ‘Davide explains how, when he left the security of his preferred language of expression, music, and dare to pick up some children’s pastels to draw scenes from his dreams, he unwittingly engaged in a conversation with his inner self.’ Often we are afraid to try another medium which is not familiar or trained. But if we have the courage to just try it and not criticize the image or a writing or a music, then it’s possible to communicate to that unknown region of our dream or unconsciousness. I find that water color or ink drawings are best to do this sort of exercise as it can be hard to control the precise image of what we want. More then once I’ve been please with the result. This painting was done on a hand made paper Eastgate review copy.

I did this painting before I read the article about David Blum. It appears in the Oregon Friends of C.G. Jung Fall 2007 Program. I don’t know how they do it, enticed the reader into a workshop or a class with the description of what is promised in the pamphlet. I’m always intrigued by the well written syllabus synopsis. Here’s an example: ‘…we will turn directly to the images themselves that arise when the unconscious psyche responds to the crises and concerns of everyday life, and using the amplification of archetypal images, engage in so-called conversational sketches.’

There’s a profound 28 minute film in which Yo Yo Ma introduces his friend David Blum.

The workshop will be on December 7-8, 2007.

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