August 30, 2007

Monk and Roses


Mindfulness on amazon

I’ve been listening to this book on tape but you can also read it. I feel very relaxed. This is not some new age thing. It is written by a Zen master. I like his methods and metaphors. One metaphor which have stuck with me is of a stone thrown into the body of water. It accepts and sinks to the bottom. This is the position for meditation. He discusses the Sutra in layman’s terms. These ancient philosophy and methods illuminates. Another metaphor is of the breath. He describes each breath as a climb on the rope to get to the top. He talks about the concept of the five aggregates. This is Dharma. This book seems to touch up on a lot of smaller detail items that I’ve read in the life remix, life hacks, and life improvement tip blogs. When I eat, I slow down and respect the food, I’m mindful and thankful. When I write, I’m mindful and thankful for the paper, computer, and typewriter etc. Hand writing has now become a form of meditation. An example of mindfulness image which the author gives is when one breathes, focus as though it was the axis on which the planet rotated.

Thay on speaking of faith public radio program thich nhat hanh

Update:  September 25th, 2008  I saw a video VHS of “Walking Meditation”.  In it, Thay is talking about walking while meditating.  The breath unites the count and the step, three into one.  When walking allow yourself to be happy and smile.  He mentions the metaphor of the rope again.  He also mention that he was helping the boat people in Singapore.  He hired a boat to go out and help 700 refugee to land in Singapore.  The Government didn’t like it.  They wanted to deport him and 700 refugee in 24 hr.  It was 2am.  He did walking meditation in his room until 6am when a solution came to him.  

Green Gulch Farm Zen center in California produced the video.

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