Tschai’s Gift Journal Story

August 27, 2007

Tschai’s Journal

Originally uploaded by Duc N. Ly.

A while back, Tschai sent me this notebook. It is only now that she begins to tell me a story about the paper. Well, I actually discover a post on her new blog about paper notebooks that she’s been making. I would like to read more of her stories about the collection of notebook for purchase. What began as a few journals has grown into an extensive collection of both traditional and modern types of journals.

How wonderful it is to know that it was made in a convent. I’ve had a fascination with monastery and was fortunate enough to visit some of the monasteries in Europe. It’s good to know that the paper came from a pure source and that it was done diligently and perhaps with meditation.

D: So tell me a little bit about the Convent that made the wonderful paper.

Tschai – They are Franciscan sisters, (order of St. Francis of Assisi) and in order to augment their “outreach” program, they have livelihood projects. They are rather famous for their handmade paper. They have invitations,
boxes made of handmade paper, paper fans. The handmade paper comes in different colors and is usually sold 20″ x 30″.
On my end, I love their papers as inside sheets for my journals, it has an amazing texture and when clumped up into a book block, its not as heavy as the regular bond / board specialty paper…
D: What about the square cubes?
T: Those? those are just from fashion jewelries i thought i thought would look good as journal embellishments if you had to know, all holes found on the edges are hand-punched and hand-stitched… but I’m sure that is obvious…write something on it with you fountain pen… and take a picture…
D: So do you have a picture of the convent?
T: Nope. hehhehe
D: Darn
T: I’m sure ur imagining a cloistered convent of some sort.
D: Yes…so don’t ruin it for me…lol
T: my friend who is a nun sent me a journal made there with nice handmade paper (i don’t know what its made of) and their signature cloth.. the weaved one… off topic, just remembered my friend when you mentioned ‘nun’
D: oh wow soo cool….so you get free journals too
T: Once…hehhe as our “friendship book” i gave her one. And while away with each other, we write on those journals and exchange when we see each other in 3-5 years.
D: oh wow…another good story…okay i copy and past.
T: and i forgot to tell you, the book is side bound using Cinnamon stick to hold the cover and page.
D: so tell me about the cinnamon stick
T: well let me describe it in my own simple way: the whole book is bound by strings, sewn, but at the end, instead of the strings, sewn directly back into the book, they used a stick to stabilize the binding.

flickr photos of the cinnamon stick

poems cinnamon




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