Rustico Bomber Jacket

August 3, 2007

You know those Google mail ads really work! I was reading my gmail and noticed the Rustico Leather advertisement. I had my eyes on these gems for quite sometime now. A coworker gave me one long time ago a small pocket book with leather and a wrapped tie. At the time I wasn’t so much into writing about notebooks. I took that notebooklaid paper with me to Hungary on an Artist Residence sojourn. The small size was perfect for keeping phone and email addresses of people I met. The 3×5 inch was good for sketching too! The creamy was gorgeous to write and draw on. It took a variety of ink pens with out any problem. Years later, I discover that it is similar to, if not, a Rustico Journal! The year was 2000. Since then, the leather has aged beautifully in my hands.

I wrote to inquired about featuring Rustico’s fine line of leather journals. Isaac of Rustico replied quickly and is glad (and I’m glad to feature it.) to have us look at the numerous journals in different sizes that Rustico has to offer. There’s even a 3×3 exquisite little gem. I am to select one to examine. Hm…. what should I choose? Decision decisions…Well I leave you with this dilemma. Tell me which journal should I pick? Unless I hear other wise, I’m leaning towards the Traveler Journal with a distressed bomber leather jacket enclosed by a buckle. Isaac tells me this is one of the most popular items. Here’s just one example of their popular Bomber Jacket Leather journal:


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2 Responses to “Rustico Bomber Jacket”

  1. tschai Says:

    great choice!

  2. ducly Says:

    Tschai, I thought these journals look very hand made much like yours! Then I read the story about how the business was started. Give you inspiration doesn’t it?

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