Hand mole parker

July 31, 2007

Hand mole parker

Originally uploaded by Duc N. Ly.
A while back, I was inspired by the latest Cross paper Catalog. So I decided to photograph the casual items of my every day life. Here you see the Parker Vector Fountain pen on top of the Hand*Book Journal on the pocket Moleskine. This shows the stronger elastic band of the HBJ. You can order Hand*book journals from Dickblick.com

Photographing inanimate object is hard work. Using tripod is essential. Often, a tripod distinguishes a photographer and can give a clear edge. I had the hardest time finding the name of the Parker fountain pen name on the net. Just today, I saw a fellow Flickr’s (mlle bleue) picture with an identical pen like mine. It’s call the Parker Vector. I received this for my birthday 2005 from Poland. It is the best fine line fountain pen I have. The nib is silver color. The ink comes in cartridges. The replacement can be found on line and specialty pen stores only.

A review of Hand*book journal

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5 Responses to “Hand mole parker”

  1. diysara Says:

    Who makes the “Hand*Book Journal”? I love that blue! (Not that I ::NEED:: another notebook though). ;P

  2. ducly Says:

    Hi Sara, Good to see you here. You can order it on Dickblick.com I know I just like the color of this blue too! The inside cover says ‘Hand*book manufactured & distributed by Global Art Materials, INC. Kansas City, MO.

  3. Stephanie Says:

    But on the wrapper it says “Made in India” which to believe? I can’t find a website for them…..

  4. Iva Says:

    I love hand*book journals. I have two – one in blue as yours and one in red, but square format 🙂
    don’t you just love the paper? 🙂

    have a great weekend!

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