Jott, RTM, Twitter

July 30, 2007


Organization and getting things done applications have cropped up like weeds and they are joining together to strengthen each other. Twitter is connected to Facebook and Remember the Milk. There’s a rumour that Jott and RTM will join force. RTM can be linked to Google Calendar. I encounter Jott and RTM through Jason’s Ranting about implementing GTD on the web. RTM has tags which can be organized into @action, @waiting, @someday/maybe. I test drive this application. I even use it to study Polish because they are like flash cards with tags to organize the words into different categories. I have found another use for Jott, which is to jot down dreams in the middle of the night. I’d like to hear how other people have use these applications.

Andy wrote in an email:  “Last night, I was awake at 3AM and had some ideas for what I’m working on at work, as well as other ideas. And just picked up the phone and started jotting! What a great service. Still haven’t jotted any dreams, though. Is there a time limit or word limit per Jott? I’m pretty impressed by the accuracy. Although I think if you’re outdoors you may have to shout a bit for it to come through clearly. But I find that just the act of recording it helps you remember and you don’t even have to read the Jott.”

There is a 30 second limit per call but you can continue again without calling.  It just asks you if you want to make another Jott.

(Awhile back, Humourist Stepen Sharam (Steves) at the D*I*Yplanner wrote about his new concept of ‘Cattle Based Planning’ (CBP). I dare say how prophetic Steves! Remember the Milk is somewhat Cattle Based!) an-interview-with-stephen-sharam

For the lactose intolerant, perhaps someone should come up with a tea based planner?!?

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One Response to “Jott, RTM, Twitter”

  1. Junior Says:

    The rumor of Jott and RTM joining forces is true! From my understanding, Jott is working on their API as we speak! Hell, it should be done by now. haha They’ve also seemed themselves with Twitter not too long ago. Pretty sweet stuff i tell ya!

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