An Interview with Stephen (Steves) Sharam, Humourist at DIYplanner.

July 23, 2007



I mentioned that I’ve been reading Steves’s humour column in DIYplanners. Recently, I befriended Stephen (Steves) Sharam, the writer behind those entertaining columns. It all started when I had asked Douglas Johnston about Nova Scotia. He moved from there long ago so I told me to ask Stephen. (As a boy, I had read Howard Norman’s fiction set in and around Halifax, Nova Scotia. Every time my Wife and I fly over Halifax, on our way to Poland, my heart skips a beat. As the on board monitor shows a map of our flight plan, I try to peer out into the cold and try to imagine what it’s like to live there.) Update: Steves has prophetically written about his new concept of Cattle Based Planning. Recently I encounter a planning system based on dairy products…well close enough. Check it out here: Remember the Milk

The following is an exchanges of messages in our Facebook accounts:

Hi Steve,
Douglas Johnson told me to ask you about riding unicycles and listening to wireless radio in Nova Scotia…I’ve only heard about these things from Howard Norman’s books
Stephen Sharam
Hey, well Doug says a lot of things that are not true:P Halifax has a lot of bagpipes, which is sort of like wireless radio. Are you on DIY? What’s your nick?

Yes I’m on DIY….my nick is my real name duc ly
what’s your nik
*lol at the bagpipes comment 🙂
Stephen Sharam
Ha, thanks. My nick is ‘steves’, I write the humour column on Fridays (usually:P)
ahah….yes i read your columns…in fact I mention it on one of my interview with Rasmussen…
I’m one of your big fans….
I would like to interview you some time…maybe?
Stephen Sharam
Wow, thanks, it’s nice to have a fan:) Sounds possible. What would we talk about?

Hm…I don’t know maybe how you got started in diy and what makes you write humorous pieces for diy?
What’s the deal with your Facebook picture in profile…are you like a confused don quixote slaying at the invisible wind mill on your bicycle?…and shouldn’t you be riding a unicycle?
Stephen Sharam
Hmm, I’m not sure if there’s much of interest there. I started because Doug asked me and I write them for kicks:P Short interview:) Let’s try and think of something else.
What’s up with the unicycle thing? No, no, I came home one day several years ago and my parents had a bunch of things out for a yard sale, including the bike, so I ran into the house and grabbed the sword and had Dad take the picture. I just think it’s important to show the neighbours that you mean business:)

Duc N. Ly
haha…okay I’ll think of something else…so far I think your answers are entertaining.
what’s it like to live in Nova Scotia. Well, I am fascinated with unicycles and wish I could ride one while juggling knives. How long have you been on diy and are you obsessed with notebooks too?
Stephen Sharam
Ha ha, well I’d love to see that. Let me know before you try your unicycle-riding knife juggling and I’ll bring my camera:)
Well, I don’t actually live in Nova Scotia anymore. Not lots of unicycles, but I just couldn’t stand the bagpipes anymore:P
I’ve been on DIY since it started in Sept. 05 and I actually only use the creative parts of the planner packs. I’ve tried printing off full planners, but I keep loosing them. I think Doug asked me to write for the site because I’m very much opposite to most of the people on it in terms of personality. I’m disorganized, silly and kinda lazy. I think needs me:)

What’s with your aversion towards bag pipes? I think I should ride the unicycle and play the bag pipes instead! Although, it would be difficult to ride in a kilt. That’s the second person that moved away from Nova Scotia. I’m not familiar with the creative planner packs. Diy sure needs you. Do you write the humour column some as a profession? How can I get in touch with a Nova Scotian? Particularly one from Halifax.
Hm…I think it would be cool to post this on my blog with your picture as a modern day Don Quixote. With your permission of course.
What gives you the inspirations for your humour columns? Who do you read or think is amusing?
Ah, you’re a very sneaky man. I thought maybe I was being interviewed and didn’t know it:P Ah well, that’s fine with me:)

My picture as a modern day Don Quixote…well, that works. I’ve been telling my girlfriend for years that she’s Sancho Panza, keeping me on the straight and narrow…sometimes.

Why do you want to find a Nova Scotian so much? Is it the bagpipes or the kitchen parties? they have plenty of both.

Where do I come up with my ideas? Actually, that’s gotten much harder as time has gone by. Several times I’ve thought of an idea that seems great, only to realize that I already did that topic a year and a half ago:) Often I’ll talk to Innowen or Doug and bounce some ideas around and something will start to gel. I think it’s kind of difficult actually to write humour columns every week on a site about productivity. Shockingly, paper-based planning is not the funniest subject out there. People writing things on paper? Stop, you’re killing me!

Most people who write humour leave themselves wide open, so they have the most options and I think my columns have certainly become a lot less focused on productivity humour over time. It’s probably a good training ground for if I ever decide to do it professionally: If I can write something funny about paper-based planning every week, I can write about almost anything:P

Great!…I think we’ll go to print! :)0 Saves me from having to think about making a new post all on my own….
Sounds good:P If you wouldn’t mind, please mention my blog as well as DIYPlanner (can’t pass up free advertising:)


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