PDX Bloggers of the World Unite!

July 22, 2007

Picture 1082

Originally uploaded by jeremiah_owyang.
Thomas of Scissor Monkey and me at the Portland blogger diner. Maybe I should go see Toni&Guy. I’m 5′-8″ ! I probably had a mouth full of Lebanese food or micro brews and couldn’t smile properly. Facebook once again hooked me up to this event. See his write up.

PDX bloggers have style! Check out this pair of glasses on Raven. Thomas is wearing a Cadillac bowling shirt. Jeremiah_Owyang was the photographer of the event. I Am the shortest blogger there!  This picture shows me with a Circa ready for interviews.


2 Responses to “PDX Bloggers of the World Unite!”

  1. Thomas Says:

    That is a good looking couple of guys!

    You are right, there were some pretty stylish people there, those temple glasses were cool.

    The dinner was also the first time I really saw the Wii in action, very interesting. I was also very impressed by what good hosts Jive Software was.

  2. ducly Says:

    Hi Thomas, Yeah Jive play room is nice. I wanted to try the Xbox 360. I have the Wii. Any time your up for a game of tennis let me know. The Wii is portable to some extent.

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