On Seaside Beach…

July 17, 2007

Ah…summer is the season of reading on the beach in the sand. What better title then Ian McEwan’s ‘On Chesil Beach’. (I was on Seaside Beach) Now I saw this book at Barnes and Noble and read the dust jacket when I was with Andy several weeks ago. I didn’t pay much heed, until I saw Mark Bernstein blog about it. He’s written so few short impressions of this book and two of Ian’s other books.

McEwan’s interest is not so much the question of sex, but rather the matter of seriousness; the difficulty his lovers face is not so much their terrible inexperience but their incapacity for understanding what to take seriously, and when to shrug, or laugh, or simply wait. – Mark Bernstein.

The post got me to thinking, we don’t have to wait to finish an entire book to make a review of it. I think that books take a long time to finish and our impressions if written down can enhance the experience and makes for a better book review or a learning tool. As readers read and live with the book for a moderate among of time, simply jotting down these observations can be satisfying. I’ll have to go back to how Mark even draws parallels between the book ‘On Chesil Beach’ to his own listening to classical music!

In honor of the Bookography circa notebooks that’s been marked down, I’ll make a few notes on the bookography’s questionnaires. This system encourages making notes as you read.

  1. On My List of Candidates. Date discovered___ 7/17/07. How discovered/Recommended by______ (see above) My reason for wanting to read it___As a recent newly wed, I want to discover more about relationships, differences between men and women, our time and past lives. Other reasons for reading this book is that Ian is a highly tauted writer, having won the Booker prize for Amsterdam. And yet, I haven’t read any of his books. Reviewers have call him the master of the defining moments.

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