Typical Period 5 Ship

June 29, 2007

Typical Period 5 Ship

Originally uploaded by Dave Seah.
I’ve been thinking about doing a grid project featuring grid papers. These charming drawings by David Seah captures a childhood period. I’ve done some, perhaps we all have drawn these space crafts. Although mine are not organized into folders. Thus they are lost, completely gone. Grid papers are good for making Dungeon and Dragons campaign maps. I have a few done in gawdy markers, pencil, and ink. Looking at them elicits this sort of gut response:
Oh wow – I used to draw spaceships all the time (when I wasn’t drawing dragons). This brings back memories – and also has me wanting to track down some of those old sketches.-Anton Peck

David mentions Star Cruiser Yamato (Star Blazers here in the US) as on of the influence. I’m reminded of Starcraft’s Battleship Cruisers with the Yamato Cannon.

It seems Mr. Seah has gone back to the memory bank of the past and re capturing them in a series of two projects. First is the spaceship drawings (http://davidseah.com/archives/2004/09/03/ships/) and second is the Modern Day Spell book. The Spell book is David’s personal scripts for computer games. He has taken the time to re copy some of these into a new notebook. I’m interested in the particular notebook that he uses: http://davidseah.com/archives/2007/06/21/modern-spellbooks/

What can we learn from this? Well organized files help preserve valuable paper. There is a connection, for some, between the old notebook, lost or given away, and the need to recreate them. I’m thinking about copying some of my found quotes from an old book into the new book.

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