You Me and Ducce’pre

June 28, 2007

(A tribute to Glen Gould….and Owen Wilson)

Ly:  Gentlemen, the reason I asked you here for this meeting is because, well frankly we haven’t been doing so well.  I was there yesterday at the Cyrus’s Interview with Alexander Rose.  Now that’s how an interview should have been conducted.

Lex:  My God, it’s the middle of the night. Couldn’t we do this another time?

Ducce:  I hear that brother.  I was there.

Ly:  Lex, first of all you are lazy in your typing and I have to correct and heavily edit all of your peculiar short hand writings.  And not to mention that you lost all of the transcription and had to get the whole interview from the interviewee.  Frankly, that’s just unprofessional!

Lex:  You try to be embedded in Google Chat.  It’s not the most comfortable of accommodations. 

Ly:  Lex, what was with the Cyrus interview.  You jump in there unprepared.  You didn’t know one thing about the Long Now foundation.  You annoy our friends and you are disrespectful to them.

Lex:  Okay, you may be right about that.  I thought it was a group for Long Bow enthusiast.  You know, deer hunters.

Ducce:  Can I be dismissed?

Ly:  Ducce, I don’t know where to start with you.  Your potty mouth and/or your arrogance.  Your rap song garners no fan.  Frankly, you are scattered and your grammar stinks.  You tried the patiences of a staint.  You insult corporations and I could go on and on.  You antics have become tiredsome.

Lex:  Alright….now can we all get some shut eye?

Ly:  Agreed, boys shape up.  Frankly, I haven’t the time to edit all of your sophomoric scribbles.

Ducce:  Ly, you’re moronic!

Ly:  Dismissed.


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