An Interview with Jennifer

June 26, 2007

Jennifer has several blogs, one of them is Lifemuncher (there’s a link in the blog roll). I’ve always admired her writing and sense of organizational style. If you haven’t look, take a gander. I sent out my not always reliable but Google-ly embedded reporter Lex to have a interview and chat with the lovely and organized mademoiselle George. It seems they talked about toys, gtd, and paper. Lex had a bit of technical difficulty in transcribing the interview. Jennifer had to send the text archived in the chat. ‘me’ is Jennifer. and ‘Lex’ is lex.

10:43 AM Lex: well hellow gennifer george 🙂
10:44 AM me: hey man
10:45 AM Lex: hehe what up
me: just readin blogs
10:46 AM Lex: aha i see…so david allen’s second book is not as good is it?
10:48 AM me: nah. much more new-agey and really scattered
10:49 AM Lex: that’s what i thought.
i’m running out of ideas on what to blog …how about u?
10:50 AM me: i have ideas. i’m just too lazy to write them
Lex: yeah i write a bunch but the same post gets read not new stuff.  What’s ur idea?
me: one is that i want to write a summary post about ready for anything…
but i’d rather take a nap
Lex: haha:)…why do i think of connie chung
when i see claspin’walnuts.
  Hey, i have an idea…i can do an interview on you! Ahem…this is Lex here…google embedded reporter for the daily news..I got my circa hipster and a truely crazy writer….
me: pleasure to be here lex
Lex: what is life munching any way?
and what’s the deal with claspin’walnut? care to explain?
me: claspingwalnut was a randomly generated user name that was suggested to me one time by yahoo. i liked it and kept it. it has
a certain threatening quality that i enjoy.

Lex: oh i think so
me: lifemuncher was a play on lifehacker. it makes me think of silly
childish insults like “buttmunch” and i’m silly and childish, so it fits
Lex: a strength of an ox…haha I think that fits…although I was thinking of something else….but never mind.                                                                     me: yeah, that too
Lex: aha so ur a gtd gal…..
me: i love organizing things, so gtd is right up my alley
Lex: aha so it’s a life hack for everyone…hm so do you remember how
you first heard of gtd?
me: we actually had the seminar at work, from the david allen company people themselves. i loved it and immediately went home and
organized all my files
. Then i read the book, and found all the productivity bloggers, and got immersed in the gtd world.
Lex: about how long ago was that?
me: i think it was about a year and a half ago
Lex: so ur kinda like Monica on Friends
11:02 AM are you like her in other ways?
me: no, i like creating systems and organizing, but i’m not so good
at maintaining them. monica’s much neater than me 11:03 AM i’ve always been pretty organized though. the problem is i don’t stick to any system for long. i just like thinking about different ways to do things
Lex: Hm…is there an easy way to save chat besides copy and paste…I ask since ur a google expert too. Yeah i think i’m the same way
me: you can tell google to archive all your chats in the settings
Lex: I was a Franklin Covey guy before … how about u?
me: i think a lot of the gtd bloggers are the same way
11:05 AM i was really into daytimer for a long itme
Lex: What about this interview now…
me: i think you’ll have to copy and paste
if you’re not already archiving
Lex: oh shoot….I need to change the setting
me: daytimer taught me the value of taking notes during the day and
having everything in one place
Lex: I didn’t use daytimmer…
me: it’s pretty much the same as franklin covey organizer-wise.  I’ve never read 7 habits. should i?
Lex: Hm..I haven’t read the 7 habits either. And I never did
the mission statement and role defining. I think it’s a good book to

me: how’s second life?
Lex: I just got tired of transferring task from day to day  Second Life is fun. I got into it because of friend…Austin… and
Snow Crash. we both read that book….What do you think about Snow crash?
me: i love that book. i think it was very prescient about the future, don’t you? you should read diamond age too
Lex: totally prophetic and perceptive about the future
me: i’ve been trying to read the baroque cycle, but it’s soooo long
Lex: I think you would enjoy second life
me: i can’t decide if i would like it
Lex: have you seen Neal Stephen’s website?
me: not in a while…cryptonomicon is great too
Lex: He has a picture of a stack of paper about 4′ -5′
high….He hand wrote most of it. And he used such expensive fountain pens…
me: do you have just piles and piles of notebooks?
Lex: hm…Yes I do…they are like museum pieces…
some I use for reference.  I would like to hack them and combine them into hybred notebooks but sometimes people will ask me about this and that notebook and I have to answer.  I saved the model number sometimes because it comes in handy. You never know when you’ll need a certain scrap of paper. I push these notebooks to my family and friends in real life too:)  Do you know of Jonathan safron froer?
me: sounds familiar… from where?
Lex: He’s an author of everything is illuminated…well he
saves blank paper…he collects black papers from famous writers 11:18 AM I believe he frames them up on his walls. If i’m more organized and have a place I would have a note book museum:)
me: I’d love to visit. there’s something about notebooks that is so intriguing, so much potential
Lex: yeah…and also the fear and obligations to fill it…believe me there can be actual confusion and hesitation in choosing
which one to use at what time.
  What do you think is intriguing?
me: i always imagine that i will write lots of cool stuff and fill
them up with great memories, but then when i stare at a blank page i
can’t think of anything to say
.  So i just start writing down anything that comes to mind. i always wanted to keep a regular journal, but it’s taken me years to get into the habit. it’s scary
Lex: Why is it scary? are you affraid that others will look into it?me: that’s part of it. i think i’ve always been disappointed in what i write
Lex: I think you got the sense of what Froer was talking about…as a
writer you must conquer the blank page
me: it’s never as good as i think it will be.  I bought “the war of art” have you read it?
Lex: No….tell me about it.
me: it was recommended by Merlin Mann. the subtitle is “break
through the blocks and win your inner creative battles”. it’s about internal obstacles to success “an inspirational, funny, well-aimed kick in the pants guaranteed to galvanize every would-be artist, visionary, or entrepreneur.”
Lex: I do find that bloggin helps writing …what do you think?
me: definitely! especially when people actually seem to like
what you write. gives you confidence
Lex: well….yeah but I think it’s more then that….it’s just different from writing journal alone.  like you say…it’s a blank page and hard to approach.
me: you have to be in the mood
Lex: what’s your fascination with toys?
me: i really don’t know. i think there’s something in the vinyl that
messes with your mind
Lex: haha…
You have a strange fascination with paper and vinyl
11:32 AM me: i do
Lex: maybe it’s the scent
me: could be…
Lex: have you try to combine these two together?
me: sort of i guess. i have an extensive collection of header
cards and stickers related to the toys and the toy artists
Lex: so you are keeping your child alive….that wonderment?
that inner child
me: i guess
Lex: (man…this copy and paste is going to drive me nuts)..
hm I have to go soon…any last words of wisdom?
me: may shai hulud protect your water or something like that
Lex: Any parts that you want to ommit?…lol…i like that
me: no i’m cool
Lex: may you have a good Tau.
btw i got kicked out of Dune
me: oh dear
Lex: see you can be in second life and join the Black sun
metaverse…or go to hogwarts…or mist of avalon…or be a furry. You would enjoy Dune
I bet you can make an avatar like one of your toy…so you
can bring it to life maybe? just a crazy idea
me: i’ve always suspected that i was a bene gesserit
Lex: I think that you are…give me the gom jabbar…11:39 AM I need to brush up on my duneology and maybe we can role play.  It’s been an enjoyable chat/interview to probe the mind of the claspin…mind munching georgie girl.  oh shoot i think i lost the whole thing
where is the chat?
me: i can send it to you if you want
Lex: That would be nice…
me: just a sec
Lex: okay

Jennifer: just a secLex: okayI’ll edit some and then post it :)Jennifer: it’s on its wayLex: thanks…did you have fun?Jennifer: sure! thanks for chattingywttyl



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