Tchai Journal

June 25, 2007

is here


I got to know of Tschai’s journal a while back when she posted a comment on an Epica post that I did here. Then I find her on Flickr. She had mention that she would be making journals and selling them on line. Tschai decided to set up shop on Etsy. Http://

Reading through her profile, I find that Tschai is also an architect. We have a lot of things in common. The notebook above has traveled all the way from the Philippines. I will treasure this exquisite gem of a notebook. It is smaller then a Moleskine pocket size book. Slightly smaller then the 3×5 index card, approx 3×4. It’s just a precious piece of small jewel. If I open up a notebook museum, this would be the crown jewel. I also found out that it’s a one of a kind original. I’ve never have an original notebook before. This is a first. Tschai’s notebooks have been feature on Armand’s Notebookism:

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