An Interview with Rasmussen

June 22, 2007

[9:36] Austin Ellison: I’m interested to see how Microsoft’s coverage of Wimbledon will work in SL.

[9:36] You: really

[9:36] You: how

[9:37] You: give me the landmarks please.

[9:37] Austin Ellison: 😉 I think Allison wants to play 😉 – I’ll grab a link – one moment

[9:37] You: k

[9:37] You: *throws Allison a bone

[9:37] You: Well I will have to get my tennis whites on

[9:38] Allison Jonze gnaws on the bone

[9:38] You: *pets dragon

[9:38] You: Allison I can’t remember when I saw you as a human.

[9:39] Austin Ellison: I think big blue is keeping the build location a secret for now.

[9:40] You: ha-ha

[9:40] You: lovely

[9:41] You: I use to have a flaming wall.

[9:42] You: Do you have any other Avies?

[9:46] Austin Ellison: No, just Austin Ellison. (So if you want to publish anything, just ask. 😉 )

[9:48] You: btw I saw what you wrote about ten faces on Stephen’s blog.

[9:48] You: I always wonder why you don’t write like that in your own blog.

[9:49] Austin Ellison: Just remember, not many of your readers understand what an avie [avie is an Avatar] is, let alone that there can be a separate ‘personality’ attributed to that avie. 😉

[9:49] Austin Ellison: Thank you.

[9:49] You: or maybe it’s because when people asks in form of an interview or questions…our writing response becomes better?

[9:50] Austin Ellison: I walk an odd line with how I use Collaborative Ideation. I want to keep it entertaining, but I ‘do’ represent Levenger to an extent with what I write.

[9:50] Austin Ellison: I often try to avoid anything that appears too commercial.

[9:50] You: Yes … I think that is your fear to appear too commercial…

[9:51] You: and I think it holds up some of the writing.

[9:51] Austin Ellison: There are times where I am really excited about a new product or find a large discount on an item others have expressed an interest in, but I do not post such content as it would appear to anyone unfamiliar with my work, as an advertisement.

[9:51] You: in a way it’s a sort of censoring of one self?

[9:51] You: I would agree.

[9:51] You: that’s where people like me come in 🙂

[9:52] You: to bring that sort of good news to the consumers.

[9:52] Austin Ellison: 😉 With your outside perspective, you can offer an opinion about what I write that feels more objective.

[9:52] You: I see.

[9:53] You: but some times I hold my tongue.

[9:53] You: because I know they are free samples.

[9:53] You: and I edit my opinion too much.

[9:53] You: I try to find a ground where products try to work together if I can.

[9:54] Austin Ellison: I’m thankful for the work you do, with the entire notebook community. I realized a few months ago that the social media experiment I’m running is less about the ‘kind’ of notebook used, but about the creativity and “fast-prototyping” of the community that helps us learn together.

[9:54] You: and I think that’s the most fun …to be creative with the good.

[9:54] You: thank you…I sometimes don’t know what I’m doing…I simple play on a hunch and experiment like you.

[9:54] Austin Ellison: Your voice is certainly being broadcast out there to businesses. You’re doing a great job.

[9:55] You: you have an input and support have help.

[9:55] You: and it seems each blog links me to a new connection.

[9:55] You: from Levenger I found out about Tom Kelley

[9:55] You: and then to snow crash to SL

[9:56] You: I wonder if it’s like that for you?


[9:57] Austin Ellison: There are a small group of influencers managing content. Following the web, or clusters, is what can lead to hive research. (Or lots of wasted time.) 😉

[9:58] Austin Ellison: Learning takes on an entirely new operation with collective content intelligence (web 2.0)

[9:58] You: hm…Hive research

[9:58] You: good analogy…we are like worker bees.

[9:59] Austin Ellison: Try creating a feed from a search for some topic or group of words like “SL+library”. You will benefit from the research of everyone else, and as you bookmark your own sites, give back to that effort.

[10:00] You: I see

[10:00] You: I’ve always wonder why you don’t use

[10:00] Austin Ellison: This is where I step off to some proverbial lectern and begin speaking about emergent communication technology. …..Rather see the space station?

[10:00] You: Or why you choose Tumblr?

[10:01] You: fine with me…do your lectern

[10:01] Austin Ellison: (I find to be much better. It is the blogroll on the right of the tumblr page.)

[10:02] You: Tell us about what you think is the emergent communication tech.

[10:02] Austin Ellison: Further, the guys behind Tumblr have some bright potential. I think there should be some great improvements to the platform in the next few months. It is very “mash” able

[10:03] You: aha I see…delicious had become too commercial maybe.

[10:03] Austin Ellison: A great place to learn about emergent communication is Alex Pang’s EndOfCyberspace blog.

[10:04] You: I see… how did you find his blog?

[10:05] Austin Ellison: He works with a few other researchers from Palo Alto. It was only by chance that I learned of his upcoming book. I had read his entries on Future Now for quite awhile.

[10:06] You: I see….it’s all overwhelming sometimes to keep up with.

[10:06] Austin Ellison: I’m not going anywhere. 😉

[10:06] You: You were talking about Avies earlier.

[10:06] You: what is your explanation.

[10:08] Austin Ellison: Yes. I wanted to mention that sometimes the concepts that you and I have already grasped in regards to dividing selves into SL-Avie, RL, RL on the phone, RL instant messaging, etc, aren’t easily understandably to an audience unless they have experienced them first-hand.

[10:10] Austin Ellison: SL is actually pretty foreign to some. Perhaps you should create an objective, or mission, for Ducce as Duc. Something to help distinguish the personalities while adding a purpose like, “the web 3.d explorer”.

[10:10] Austin Ellison: I bet your fans would find that exciting.

[10:11] You: I think so…(Duc looks around…What fan?)

[10:11] You: I didn’t think anyone reads those things.

[10:11] Austin Ellison: …or “ace reporter from the metaverse” 😉

[10:11] You: but one woman got out of character to chide me on my bad grammar.

[10:11] Austin Ellison: 😉

[10:12] You: Ducce’s personality arrives as he went, a sort of fool misfit.

[10:12] You: I even had to make corrections to make her happy.

[10:13] You: She is a furry in SL. I know some people only exist as furies on here.

[10:13] Austin Ellison: I grasped that on your first post. (Especially when Ducce called Duc an XXX) 😉 But I bet you thoroughly confused a few readers

[10:13] You: and good…

[10:14] You: I think some people are so serious with their blogs

[10:14] Austin Ellison: 😉 Yeah, I agree.

[10:14] You: that’s why I like to read the humorous Steve on DIYplanner.

[10:14] Victoria Trenchard is Online

[10:15] You: What do you think about trying to appear like your real life self on SL?

[10:16] You: I’m thinking I would like to do that but I don’t know how yet.

[10:16] Austin Ellison: I ‘read into’ things a great deal. Further, I felt it would help me to remain focused on my objectives and keep accountable for my actions.

[10:17] Austin Ellison: A fountain pen network member was in Chicago last Friday. He recognized me by my avatar. I was quite impressed.

[10:17] You: 🙂

[10:18] Austin Ellison: -just add a suit and tie.

[10:18] You: I did see your Youtube demonstration of the Aaron Chair

[10:18] You: I must say there is a resemblance.

[10:19] Austin Ellison: Have you seen the station?

[10:19] You: No….I do like the Circa ‘salad’ bar.

[10:19] You: Perfect cross pollination there!

[10:19] You: It’s design experience in action.

[10:19] Austin Ellison: …oh ….. 😉 I’m having a heck of a time trying to figure out how to promote this thing.

[10:20] You: The gadget station?

[10:20] Austin Ellison: It’s funny how a difficult advertising ‘free’ notebook is. (What’s the catch? the predominant response.)

[10:20] Austin Ellison: -no the space station – SL

[10:21] You: oh *Ducce perks up* free?

[10:21] You: I haven’t seen the space station.

[10:22] Austin Ellison: *this is where I sound like a commercial* Anyone that enters a Levenger retail store, can receive a free, custom, Circa notebook. We build a sample with the kind of pages they want to try. The idea behind it, obviously, is that we want to get people excited about the personalization potential of the system.

[10:24] Austin Ellison: Anyway,…that is what those video prototypes are about. We are developing some method for letting customers know about it that doesn’t seem too “cheeky”. A series of videos shot within the actual stores seemed the right blend of authenticism.

[10:24] You: Oh…I would put on a different mask and appear with a different accent so I can get it all…hehe

[10:24] Austin Ellison: 😉

[10:25] Austin Ellison: To the space station? (I thought it would be a good photo op in the cockpit before launch

[10:25] You: good idea


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