Ground Control to Major Rasmussen…

June 21, 2007

‘Check ignition…may God’s love be with you…’ *breaks into a solo*

Previously: the-morning-commute-with-rasmussen

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Yeah Ducce here again for another fine installment….Austin thought ‘Ace reporter from the Metaverse, explorer of web3.D’ would be a good moniker for Ducce, yeah that’s me! (Did you just call me a Monica?) Today I decided to be a sidekick to the great Aeronautical genius that is Austin a.k.a Rasmussen! Yeah the heat was getting to me so outer space may be a bit cooler. Summer Solstice, you can kiss my behind. Anyway, at the International Space Museum, I had a chance to go to Uranus. Okay, bad joke…I wouldn’t help it. But I didn’t. I picked Pluto. The Landmark to the space museum is called something like…Bravo 123, or something like that. I’ll have to look it up. But anyway if you do a search on your places in SL it might pop up. Boy do I go to such lengths to bring you this kind o’ exciting stuff.

I cover the Metaverse!

I go forward, not reverse!

Ace reporter from the Metaverse…

I got a hipster(Circa Hpda) in my pocket,

Sure I’ll ride on a rocket…

Go anywhere (Pluto but not Uranus)

Sure just plug that comp right into the socket

O’ what’s happenin’!….Word.

Bringing you Verse from the Metaverse.

Your word-meister for the Universe….

I get around…Circa’lating.

Ain’t no waiting.

Dropin’ it like it’s hOt…

off the press.

I come to you super Max Express……

… something like that. I’m trying to work on that rap song and a mission statement for my Second Life Profile.

[10:27] Austin Ellison: Have you tried this before?

[10:28] You: No. Where am I?

[10:28] Austin Ellison: There is a great deal to explore here at the museum.

[10:28] Austin Ellison: However, the rocket flight to the space station is kind of neat.

[10:29] Austin Ellison: Take a look at the directions on the sign behind you.

[10:29] Austin Ellison: Let me know after you’ve changed the settings for the preflight

[10:30] You: How to changed it?

[10:30] Austin Ellison: CTRL-P

[10:31] Austin Ellison: Under graphics and advanced graphics

[10:32] You: I change distance

[10:32] Austin Ellison: Yes, to 192. Then go to the advanced graphics tab to set you fog ratio and nighttime brightness.

[10:33] You: Set fog and brightness.

[10:33] Austin Ellison: Okay, right click on shuttle and board.

[10:34] You: Let me turn around

[10:34] You: Do i have to put away my pen and Circa hpda?

[10:35] You: Where is the shuttle?

[10:36] Gemini Titan whispers: When ready, say ‘+blastoff’

[10:37] Austin Ellison: +blastoff

[10:37] Gemini Titan whispers: BLAST OFF!

[10:37] Gemini Titan whispers: Here’s your EVA Checklist:

[10:37] Gemini Titan whispers: 1) World -> Force Sun -> Midnight

[10:37] Gemini Titan whispers: 2) Edit -> Preferences -> Graphics -> Draw Distance: 256 meters

[10:37] You: wow

[10:37] Gemini Titan whispers: You are now in orbit around the Earth!

[10:37] Gemini Titan whispers: Please wait while the capsule docks with the platform…

[10:37] Gemini Titan whispers: If you have not already done so, now is your last chance to set your sun to midnight!

[10:38] You: I don’t see you

[10:38] Austin Ellison: Cool, right?

[10:39] Austin Ellison: just careful of the edge.

[10:39] You: k

[10:39] You: very cool

[10:40] You: wow

[10:40] You: Okay photo op.

[10:40] You: 00000…

[10:41] Austin Ellison: you will need a jetpack up here to get around.

[10:41] You: I’m affraid to move.

[10:41] You: There’s the abyss.

[10:42] Skee jetpack (X-Flight): All Go

[10:42] Austin Ellison gave you Skee jetpack (X-Flight).

[10:42] Austin Ellison: if you fall, that will help

[10:42] Skee jetpack (X-Flight): All Go

[10:43] Austin Ellison: Where to?

[10:43] You: Pluto?

[10:43] Austin Ellison: Meet you there.

[10:48] You: okay


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