Mynd Bio Roll Out

June 14, 2007

Ah…it’s been hard keeping this secret for a few weeks now. But at last, I’m allowed to reveal at least the prototype design of the new line call Bio from Myndology. I checked in with Jason via email on the progress of the latest developments. We had talked earlier about DIYplanner and the great dedicated forum with many comments on the topic of paper productivities. Now he’s one of the sponsors (it’s nice to see next to Eastgate) and pops in to talk about news the of the Bio line and handing out discounts codes disguised as Potato Salad! I’d read about the Bio line feature whole heartedly on and Myndology has pride it self on being environmentally conscious, so this line is another great evolution of the Mynd product line. Okay enough with the words. I have for you a jpg file:03_mynd_a.jpg

“It appears as if we will go with the arrow design, we took everybody’s suggestions into consideration and I feel like I better tell people what the new product will be. It seems like there are a lot of people excited about the new “Bare” line. So much so in fact, I thought I better get some information out there or people will think I am making this concept up. Some details:
100% Recycled Stock. Laser cut 3D pattern. 2 sizes, Journal and Hpda. Colors will be Sand, Pine, and Clay. Feel free to post the pic……see what people think.”

– Jason Kinziger

I can’t wait to get my hands on them!

There was a question about the avaibility of the letter size notebook as shown on the picture. 6/15/07 Here’s an update from Jason:

I picked up some of the laser cuts today. I don’t think we will do letter size right off the bat. Though they are earth friendly, we want them to be customer friendly too, and it takes a lot of time to keep productions costs down. Depending on inquiry and demand we will determine when the letter size is released. I’ll keep you in the loop as things develop.



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