Eno Long Now Blueair

June 14, 2007

I’ve been following the creative pursuits of Bryan Campen for a long time now on Flickr. And somehow have found connections in Second Life. Bryan, aka Cyrus is building a Second Life for the Long Now foundation which will host Brian Eno’s large collection of art work. It was also through Bryan that I found out about Amy Wilson’s water color on Second Life. Via Ryan’s Magnolia I found one of my favorite author’s article on Long Now: http://www.longnow.org/press/articles/Michael_Chabon_-_The_Omega_Glory.pdf

I thought I would send out one of my embedded correspondent Lex for a interview/gchat:




cyrus bryan: http://blueair.tv/

Lex: hey what’s up

cyrus: heya


Lex: awesome…i’m going to have to do a posting on it if you don’t mind

saw an article by michael chabon on long now

cyrus: yeah, that was a while ago but neat

steven johnson did one in the times

called the long zoom

ny times

Lex: that’s big yo

Sent at 9:34 AM on Thursday

cyrus: yeah they have done a few on long now lately

Lex: very cool i wonder how you got that idea

cyrus: who?

Lex: to get involve with long now

cyrus: which idea?

I followed them for ten years, and the first thing

I built in sl

was their clock, a rough sketch

Lex: aha….wow

cyrus: http://blueair.blip.tv/

Lex: tell me what it’s all about…

do you mind if i blog it?

cyrus: of course! that would be great

here is a great intro article to give you some stable sense of it on your own, and then we can talk more too any time


Lex: okay 🙂

cyrus: ah ok. the group is open membership now, too

so you and he can join

Lex: long now?

cyrus: if he is interested just tell him to im me


Lex: okay

cyrus: in SL

Lex: i see






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