HP Compaq Laptop Wireless Card

June 13, 2007

Ducee here again…I know I know…calm down. Don’t go into panic mode just yet. I’ve locked Ly in the basement for a good floggin’ while i’m a bloggin’!!

I’m simply randy! No I’m Ducce. The whore-someness that was the laptop has died! of an early death…only barely six months! Well just the wireless card anyway. I spent a good two hours (time that could be spent on the net on SL…o for crying out loud) with the Customer service speaking to two Chaps in India and having to repeat myself and then them repeating themselves so that we could be understood! Hey I thought HP was a USofA product! What’s the people in Indian got to do with it and why am I mad at them instead of the CE Fing’ O of HP! Oh you should have heard us on the Tele…The brothers were tag teaming me like there is no tomorrow…we were like locked down in a technological cage match …’Could you please Hold?’ …. and like an idiot I was listening to air for a good minute. If I have to hear ‘Please Restart your Computer’ one more time…someone’s gonna get hurt!

It seems their warranty policy is to first have me monkey around with the insides of my laptop, replace the wireless card. Me?!?…I don’t even know which end of the screw driver is up! Haha…I told the chap who probably still had cricket matches and that scandal about that coach being assassined in his hotel in some foreign country before a match (I surprised you with that one, didn’t I…see? I keep up with worlds affairs…I do sympathize…) on his mind I guarantee. Anywho…the chap on the phone told me to just try…read the manual, install it and if that doesn’t work just simply call us back with the case number…which is a mile and a half long strand of digits and alphabets! I’m simply Randy! (No your Ducce, keep it together Ducce) I tell you my brothers out there! What to do…I’m simply having wireless with-drawls…this is worse then the Spice deficiency!

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