The Morning Commute With Rasmussen

June 8, 2007

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Ducce Here for another report…You thought you were rid of me…hehe. Not so easy my friend! Anywho…This morning, bright and early, I happen to see my friend Austin Ellison on SL. (aka, Rasmussen or as I would like to call him Austin POWERS Ellison…but I don’t think that will go over too well…indeed). He had given me a TrueWriter space craft. Ah yes it’s an Offworld vehicle not to be allowed on Arrikas [Arrakis, the planet known as Dune; third planet of Canopus] (Either am I for that matter…yes my tribe have banished me from my Steich [Sietch: Fremen Cave/home] and now I have to get the spice from smugglers…but that’s a long story…I’m now of the Hogwarths school for male Bene Gessits [corrections: there are no male Bene Gesserit]. Yes, I even had to inflict a Crysknife wound on my forehead to be legit like my main man HP. But whoever I am, my Fremen brother Austin still accepts me and that’s saying alot!) It is a replica of a writing instrument of Earth origin from a company call Levenger? Have you heard?!

So the 99 W other wise known as the McLoughlin highway had a slight incident. Yesterday, a refrigerant truck crashed and spilt some Hazmat ammonia on the asphalt. Roads were closed…ya da ya da. So The Flying Truewriter pen came in handy as a way to get around. Austin tele-ported me to the Tarmac and off we go!!

Yeah…that’s me flying! Thanks for the ride!

The following is an audio commentary of the video by yours truely Ducce:

Ducce: Oh look at the way the brother struts his stuff! And then the Kung-Fu jump landing from the elevator…impressive Austin! Woe…did you see that jet of vapor trail above my head?!?! The brother left me in the dust.

LY: It didn’t even look like you got off the ground much Ducce.

Ducce: I did, Austin just didn’t catch it on film. He was too busy showing off to the ladies in the lounge. And I was perfecting my barrel roll. And you should shut up LY, this is my commentary and you weren’t even out there my friend.

Oh did I mention that Austin made the space craft? Yeah the brother has a degree from an Aeronautical school for the Gifted scripters.

P.S. Ly, I warn you man! Next time you wanna borrow my Beautiful AV Bod for an interview…at least do a decent job man…for crying out loud! You make me sound like a wimp! and you didn’t even make a move on such a beautiful lady:)

[oh and btw LY IS A DUMBA$$]

Rasmussen’s True Writer Assembly


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