An Email from Jack Canfield

June 8, 2007


Tuesday, June 5, 2007

TO: Duc Ly
RE: I need your BEST LOA Story!

Hello Duc,

I’m currently working on three projects that I hope you can help me with. Here’s the heart of the matter…

1.) I’m writing a book entitled Effortless Success: Creating the Life of Your Dreams with the Law of Attraction

2.) I’m compiling stories for a Chicken Soup for the Soul book entitled Chicken Soup for the Soul Life Lessons on Living the Law of Attraction and…

3.) Creating an in-depth Home Study Course entitled Effortless Success: Living the Law of Attraction

While I have many of my own personal stories to illustrate the points I want to make, I’m also looking for additional stories that illustrate the successful utilization of the Law of Attraction.

Your story could be about miracles that have occurred from watching the DVD or reading the book The Secret, applying the principles and practices of the Abraham-Hicks work, or any other of the many books about the applications of the Law of Attraction.

Your story can focus on topics within the Law of Attraction such as:

  • Trusting your inner guidance system
  • Trusting that God/Source has your best interests in mind and is always supporting your expansion and growth
  • Trusting and honoring your true desires and dreams
  • The use of focusing techniques (such as vision boards, dream books, wish boxes, and treasure maps)
  • Releasing doubt and negative beliefs
  • Creating a vibrational (emotional) match to that which you want to attract into your life
  • The power of gratitude (and gratitude journals, gratitude rocks, and gratitude rituals)
  • The power of forgiveness
  • Following your joy/bliss
  • The use of visualization or affirmations
  • The use of releasing techniques (such as The Sedona Method, Emotional Freedom Therapy, The Work of Byron Katie, Roger Callahan’s 5-Minute Phobia Cure)
  • Participating in a ‘Come As You’ll Be Party’
  • Acting as if, the power of deliberate intention,
  • and so on…

Don’t let any doubts about not being a writer get in the way of participating in this project!

We’re experts at writing and will work with you to make it work. Right now we just need to get a sense of what stories are out there.

If you have a story from your own life about these,
or any other relevant topic, please share it with me…

Send a quick e-mail to
and give me a brief outline of your story

Your story should include: The problem/situation you were faced with, what you learned/applied and what happened as a result.

If it sounds like something we can use for these projects, we’ll get back to you and ask you to write it up in more detail or we’ll set up a time to interview you.

Thanks for your time and consideration of participating in these projects. We are on a tight deadline for two of these projects, so please respond to as soon as possible.

In appreciation,

Jack Canfield
CEO of Chicken Soup for the Soul Enterprises
Featured Teacher in “The Secret” DVD and book


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