Savage Lan Party

June 7, 2007

Every once in a while, my wife will let me out of the house to indulge in the guyness that is in us all. This is where all the dudes get together for a night of geekiness. Traditionally, it’s the poker night when the guys get together to play cards. We do that occasionally or board games, but mostly it’s to play computer games. (The wives call it GAYNIGHT.) The group comprised mostly of brother in laws, friends, and co-workers for the High Tech sector such as Intel, Hp, and the likes. Our group has a network set up call Poker-Knights to legitimize the dorkness. Last week, we had about seven grown men in the basement of the host’s house. They brought their gears in cartons: flat screen monitors, big cpu, and keyboards. They had things set up on two long fold-able tables. Between the two tables were strung wires, cables, and the necessary plug-ins for a LAN party. You had to watch your step lest you trip and fall, dragging all those expensive monitors along with you. Throw into the mix two off-site players; one from Boston and the other from Chicago. We communicated with team speak and link each other in a program call Hamachi. We don the head sets with microphones. The game for tonight is call SAVAGE. This particular version we played is called ‘The Battle for (Bebe) Newerth‘. It’s a mix of StarCraft and medieval mutant hand-to-hand combat with some ballistics involved. There is a commander in charge of gathering gold and red stones. There are basically two race: Human, and Creature. The creature is strong and can became giants. The basic idea is to protect your strong holds. The humans can build siege weapons.

(post in progress)


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