kisa interview_001

June 3, 2007

kisa interview_001
Originally uploaded by Duc N. Ly.

[2:24] Kisa Naumova: sorry – 2 secs

[2:27] Kisa Naumova: Do you mean what it is that I do art-wise in SL and RL?

[2:30] Ducce Lykin: yes

[2:31] Kisa Naumova: Ah, OK. Well, I suppose it’s an extension of Abstract Expressionism, but in a Digital way

[2:32] Ducce Lykin: aha so you also build the place that i saw?

[2:32] Kisa Naumova: Which one was that?

[2:32] Ducce Lykin: the gallery meeting place

[2:32] Kisa Naumova: In Steiger?

[2:33] Ducce Lykin: yeah i think so where cyrus introduced us

[2:34] Kisa Naumova: Ah, no – that was my build of where I work. The one in Steiger is just a little gallery of mine

[2:34] Kisa Naumova: But yes, I built it. I’m curious about what it means to have “art” in SL

[2:34] Ducce Lykin: i think that is amazing

[2:34] Kisa Naumova: So I’m comparing traditional representation, with conceptual re-presentation

[2:35] Ducce Lykin: yeah i’m interested in projects like this and want other people to hear about it too.

[2:35] Ducce Lykin: do you mine if i put our convo on the blog?

[2:35] Kisa Naumova: Not at all πŸ™‚

[2:36] Ducce Lykin: so how do you think it’s going so far…how have you include your students in the project?

[2:37] Kisa Naumova: It’s a slow start. We’re trying not to go down the “teach a class in SL” route

[2:37] Kisa Naumova: Rather, just provide a space for experimentation – that’s what the other sim is for

[2:37] Kisa Naumova: There are some students on it building an allotment as part of a project they’re working on

[2:39] Ducce Lykin: so there models of rl building where you work on sl?

[2:39] Kisa Naumova: The build at
Leeds, yes

[2:40] Ducce Lykin: how long did it take you to build that?

[2:40] Kisa Naumova: Well, I wrote a script that built it for me

[2:40] Kisa Naumova: So in total, with the planning and scripting, maybe about a week

[2:41] Ducce Lykin: oh that’s fast. i don’t know how to build yet in sl…i do autocad and 3d face sometimes…things i’ve seen on sl amazes me

[2:42] Kisa Naumova:

[2:42] Ducce Lykin: how long have you been on sl and how did you come up with this idea to show students to sl art life

[2:43] Kisa Naumova: I’ve been on for nearly two years

[2:43] Kisa Naumova: I bumbled around for a bit, until I saw a friend doing her RL work in SL, and realised I wanted to use this as part of my work

[2:44] Ducce Lykin: what sort of work was your friend doing?

[2:44] Kisa Naumova: Marketing

[2:45] Ducce Lykin: was it hard to convince rl students or faculty members of sl and what you are trying to do?

[2:45] Kisa Naumova: Heheh very

[2:45] Kisa Naumova: They still think I’m daft for it

[2:45] Kisa Naumova: But they’re gradually seeing the results, and that makes them more appreciative

[2:46] Ducce Lykin: hehe i like it when english people say daft!

[2:46] Kisa Naumova: I’m Irish πŸ˜‰

[2:47] Ducce Lykin: for us who are unfamiliar of script…give us a dummie version of what is scripting

[2:47] Kisa Naumova: OK, um…

[2:48] Kisa Naumova: You can write little ‘actions’ that objects perfom in response to the things around them

[2:48] Kisa Naumova: So you can get them to talk when touched, for example

[2:48] Kisa Naumova: And they can have effects on the things around them

[2:49] Ducce Lykin: good to know that you are irish…this gives me a good excuse to ask u about rl stats if you don’t mind me asking…so are you in your thirties or twenties…

[2:49] Kisa Naumova: Heh. Thirties

[2:50] Ducce Lykin: hm okay ….so you taught yourself to script…hm so thirties and irish …do you look like your sl av or vice-versa…and how do you get your av to look like you?

[2:52] Kisa Naumova: I do look like my AV, yes. But not in obvious ways. It’s taken me two years to tweak my appearance

[2:53] Ducce Lykin: wow that’s serious work. I know another architecture student who is obsess with gaining knowledge of skins…he told me it’s a well guarded secret on sl.

[2:53] Kisa Naumova: It’s not a secret – it’s just complicated work

[2:55] Ducce Lykin: well i think people would be curious about your AV so if you like you can send me a picture of your av and i can put it along this this text

[2:55] Kisa Naumova: OK…

[2:56] Ducce Lykin: is there a good way to save im or do i just have to copy and paste into word

[2:56] Kisa Naumova:

[2:57] Kisa Naumova: Yeah – copy-paste I’m afraid

[2:57] Ducce Lykin: so you just teach yourself about skin and scripting?

[2:57] Kisa Naumova: Actually, wait – I’ll try and find a better one

[2:57] Ducce Lykin: k….

[2:57] Kisa Naumova: Yes. I’ve been programming since I was a kid, so I pick up new languages and stuff

[2:59] Ducce Lykin: So you would also have to teach your students this stuff…that’s double work…why would you want to do that?

[2:59] Kisa Naumova:

[2:59] Kisa Naumova: I don’t – I let them find out themselves

[3:00] Kisa Naumova: Same way that I approach teaching RL software

[3:00] Kisa Naumova: I think it’s more important to show someone to find out how to learn, than it is to show them which buttons to press

[3:01] Ducce Lykin: i agree and there is their own self motivations

[3:01] Ducce Lykin: it’s not so much about discipline but more about motivation

[3:01] Kisa Naumova: Yes, and a way of thinking

[3:01] Kisa Naumova: “There must be a way to do this”

[3:02] Kisa Naumova: rather than “it’s all too hard”

[3:02] Ducce Lykin: i see…do you mind poping into this place i’m at for a second?

[3:02] Kisa Naumova: Sure. Gimme two secs

[3:03] Kisa Naumova: TP?

[3:03] Ducce Lykin: what do you think about people who will say that it’s good to learn art in rl before sl stuff




[3:08] Ducce Lykin: so any way…what do you think about people’s doubts….and what role does play involve in teaching.

[3:09] Kisa Naumova: Hmm

[3:10] Kisa Naumova: I think play is important. The freedom to fail and experiment is key to learning

[3:10] Kisa Naumova: I think people see this as a game, and put it in a ‘non-serioous’ category

[3:11] Kisa Naumova: I need to go somewhere BTW

[3:11] Ducce Lykin: okay we have enought i think thank you for your time Kisa

[3:11] Kisa Naumova: No probs πŸ™‚

[3:11] Ducce Lykin: i’ll send a url of the interview

[3:11] Kisa Naumova: What a rude man :\

[3:11] Ducce Lykin: maybe next time we can try the swing

[3:11] Ducce Lykin: what happen?

[3:11] Kisa Naumova: Sure πŸ™‚

[3:12] Kisa Naumova: Man who bumped into me

[3:12] Ducce Lykin: oh some times people have prroblme controling av

[3:12] Kisa Naumova: Catch you later πŸ™‚

[3:12] Ducce Lykin: like a noob like me lol

[3:12] Ducce Lykin: bye

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