Eastgate Arrival!

May 31, 2007

savior faire blue sketch book

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Ah it’s been a long hiatus of reviewing paper, but at last! the book that I requested from Mark of Eastgate is here for a review! Just in time for the Hot Hot Hot weather too. I’ll be packing this slim book along on my sojourns. I love the indigo blue cover. It seems to be laced with fine fibers and wrapped in a soft paper over durable book making board. I did some drawings with Uniball Vision fine. This pen, let me tell ya, bleeds on most surfaces, especially index cards. On the Savior Faire paper however, it wrote well and draws a fine line. In fact it’s a perfect pen for such a rough acid-free hand made paper (50 pages). The paper is made in India. Imported by Savoir-Faire of Novato, CA 94949. Just by the look of it you can tell that it is an Artist Book. Measure 6″x8.5″ which is perfect for landscape sketching. east-gate-review-copy.jpg

This book was my companion last night as I sat with my wife. I sketched while she watched television. I’ve got some good labyrinth and flower patterns from just that one session of drawing. I put pen to paper right away because if you wait, the book is going to sit around empty. I choose blue ink to match the beautiful cover. I’ve never work with rough grade paper before so I challenged myself to a new surface and medium. I treated my pen to a snow white field and let it guide my thoughts. I can’t wait to try water color and pastel.

  • six signature hand sewn into the bind
  • Acid-Free – Rough
  • 50 Pages
  • Cotton Rag Paper
  • Deckle Edges
  • Suitable for Watercolor, Acrylic, Drawing Ink or Pastels.
  • $22

Mark thought it was interesting enough to include it in his personal blog: markbernstein.org/May0701/SketchbookReview.html I’m honored! Thanks Mark.

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