at a diner, in second life

May 30, 2007

at a diner, in second life

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I thought this was an interesting concept. Amy Wilson painted a series of watercolor images of her Travels in Second Life. She put together a very nice book on

I asked her a few questions and here is her answer.


I’ll do my best to answer your questions… let me know if you want me to elaborate at all…

I’m an artist professionally. I have my body of work that I normally work on, which is different than the SL watercolors. I started playing around with the SL watercolors more or less as a lark – as a way to wind down the day after I’d spent hours working on my “real” work. I’d sit in my studio and paint all day, then go and spent an hour or so on SL, then – just before I’d fall asleep – I’d quickly make a watercolor of what I saw in SL and write some comments along with it. I also sometimes made a watercolor in the morning, just as I was waking up and warming up to get to work on my other projects.

I have been on SL for about a year. My in world name is Amy Freelunch.

The material is standard watercolor and pencil on paper. The originals are about the same size as they are in the book, so they are small (about 6 x 9 at the largest). While I’m flying around SL, I take multiple screenshots, trying to find a composition I really like. I might take 20 or 30 photos before I find the one I like (of course, this process is really easy in SL – just pushing a button). I go through them once I’ve logged off and then either print out the image (most of the time) or occasionally work from the screen. I prefer to print it out because it is usually late by that time and I’m working with water… don’t want to spill it on my computer!

Let me know if you need more info! Thanks so much for everything.

Come to the book signing in Second Life.

Check out her musing on Lulu and art

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2 Responses to “at a diner, in second life”

  1. bryan campen Says:

    hey duc! this is awesome. thanks so much for the interest and catch you on im or in second life any time. hope all is well with you!

  2. ducly Says:

    Hi Bryan, Yeah thanks to you I’m exposed to this fine work of art. -D

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