“To Tame A Land”

May 18, 2007

“To Tame A Land”

major insturmental

first verse

He is the king of all the land,
in the kingdom of the sands,
of a time, tomorrow.

He rules the sandworm and the fremen
in a land amongst the star
of an age, tomorrow.

He is destined to be a king,
He rules over everything
on the land called Planet Dune.

Body water is your life,
and without it you will die
on the desert called Planet Dune.

second verse

Without a still suit you would fry on
the sands so hot and dry in a world
called Arrakiss.

It is a land thats rich in spice,
the sand riders and the mice’ that they
call Muad ‘Dib’

He is the Kwizatz Haderach,
He is born of Caladan, and will take
the Gom Jabbar.

He has the power to forsee or to
Look in to the past. He is the…..
Ruler of the stars.

Major instrumental break

epilog verse

The time will come for him to lay claim…
his crown and then the foe, yes they’ll be cut down.
You’ll see he’ll be….
the best that there’s been….
Messiah supreme
true leader of men.
And when the time for judgement’s at hand,
don’t fret, he’s strong He’ll make a stand
‘gainst evil, the fire that spreads thru the land.
he has the power to make it all end…..
From: klaatu@nando.net (Klaatu Barada Nickto)
Newsgroups: alt.fan.dune
Subject: To Tame A Land – Iron Maiden’s Dune song [pre-movie]
Date: Thu, 01 Feb 1996 02:01:14 GMT
Organization: The Alein Group

For more information on Iron Maiden, click here to see the information on them at the ‘Ultimate Band List‘.


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