An Interview with Fremen Council Member

May 15, 2007

[14:28] Ducce Lykin: hi
[14:28] Ducce Lykin: im new here
[14:28] Vynka Dean: hey
[14:28] Ducce Lykin: where you get the robe?
[14:28] Vynka Dean: ok and you would like to join the project?
[14:28] Ducce Lykin: yes
[14:28] Ducce Lykin: i think i joined
[14:29] Vynka Dean: yes you joined the citizens gorup,
[14:29] Vynka Dean: do you have a spcific role you want to play?
[14:29] Ducce Lykin: no…something easy
[14:29] Ducce Lykin: are you a bot?
[14:29] Vynka Dean: nope I a Fedaykin in the Fremen group
[14:30] Vynka Dean: senior member
[14:30] Ducce Lykin: i join you bro
[14:30] Vynka Dean: you want to be fremen?
[14:30] Ducce Lykin: sure…i want spice eyes
[14:31] Vynka Dean: well those you can get for free. htey are part of our freebie collection but a fremen is not just a sanddweller..
[14:31] Vynka Dean: they have history.
[14:31] Vynka Dean: so what is your history
[14:31] Ducce Lykin: i have no history
[14:31] Ducce Lykin: i read the book long time ago
[14:32] Ducce Lykin: it’s empty here…ur the first one i see
[14:32] Vynka Dean: well some are really busy and we have no active storyline at the moment.
[14:32] Vynka Dean: Have you read th sim rules?
[14:33] Ducce Lykin: no
[14:33] Vynka Dean: then I advise you to do so before you get yourself into something you may not like.
[14:34] Vynka Dean: the rules are here
[14:34] Ducce Lykin: do i have to pay alot?
[14:35] Vynka Dean: nope its free onlly clothes and equipment cost money
[14:35] Vynka Dean: but not even that much
[14:35] Ducce Lykin: great then i like
[14:35] Vynka Dean: where are you from?
[14:35] Ducce Lykin: usa you?
[14:36] Vynka Dean: Netherelands
[14:36] Ducce Lykin: wow
[14:36] Ducce Lykin: you got a cool outfit
[14:36] Vynka Dean: thanks you can get the stuff on our marketplace.
[14:36] Vynka Dean: do you know what rping is?
[14:36] Ducce Lykin: no
[14:36] Ducce Lykin: have you read snow crash>
[14:37] Ducce Lykin: role play?
[14:37] Vynka Dean: allright roleplaying is there in different forms.
[14:37] Vynka Dean: 1) the combat and RPG version
[14:37] Vynka Dean: 2) the enactment and roleplaying version in an actin gstyle.
[14:37] Vynka Dean: which do you like?
[14:38] Ducce Lykin: i can’t act
[14:38] Ducce Lykin: i don’t know the book well enough to act
[14:39] Ducce Lykin: man how come there are no chics in here
[14:40] Ducce Lykin: let’s fight
[14:40] Ducce Lykin: have a duel
[14:40] Vynka Dean: nope sorry im in no mood to fight and it is not how things are done here.
[14:41] Ducce Lykin: okay you can be my guide
[14:41] Vynka Dean: and there are women you just havent found them yet or they are nt here.
[14:41] Vynka Dean: Well I can but do I have the time? It is 23:41 here now and i am getting ready to go to bed.
[14:42] Ducce Lykin: aha okay my friend
[14:42] Ducce Lykin: next time then
[14:42] Ducce Lykin: i add you you to friend
[14:42] Vynka Dean: yes probably best.
[14:42] Vynka Dean: one tip:
[14:42] Ducce Lykin: k
[14:42] Vynka Dean: Got ot and you will see what this sim is about
[14:42] Ducce Lykin: do you have anything to give me??
[14:43] Vynka Dean: it is very serious on the acting part so be aware that commiting to it means discipline and acting. 🙂
[14:43] Ducce Lykin: oh dear okay…so far so good i like enivorment here
[14:43] Ducce Lykin: good to chill out
[14:43] Ducce Lykin: can you get stone on the spice here?
[14:44] Vynka Dean: yes you can in a Tau within the Fremen group only
[14:44] Vynka Dean: but then you need to be accepted as a Fremen first
[14:45] Vynka Dean: that means writing a backstory and think Fremen life style.
[14:45] Ducce Lykin: wow they are serious…
[14:45] Ducce Lykin: where is tau
[14:45] Vynka Dean: do you know what tau is?
[14:46] Ducce Lykin: no
[14:46] Vynka Dean: allright that explains your light view on it.
[14:47] Vynka Dean: Tau is a fremen group union that brings them together as a group. Is is like a drugs orgy
[14:47] Ducce Lykin: it’s been a long time since i read the book…well read again
[14:47] Ducce Lykin: fantastic
[14:47] Vynka Dean: well we have explaining subjects in our forum
[14:47] Ducce Lykin: great
[14:48] Vynka Dean: have a look there first and see what you think of it.
[14:48] Ducce Lykin: why are you a fremen
[14:49] Vynka Dean: Iam a Fremen because that is my nature
[14:50] Ducce Lykin: how long have you been a fremen
[14:51] Vynka Dean: for a while now but I am also very active on the sim for the ggroup that is Why I was selected to join the council
[14:51] Ducce Lykin: aha i see….that’s why i have sellected you as my guide
[14:52] Ducce Lykin: muadib
[14:52] Vynka Dean: we are not hosting characters from the books or moevies.
[14:52] Ducce Lykin: oh
[14:53] Vynka Dean: For now an mabye also in th efuture there ill be no Paul
[14:53] Ducce Lykin: no paul
[14:53] Vynka Dean: nope and now Hawatt and no leto and no baron vladimir and no feyd etc etc etc
[14:54] Ducce Lykin: i see just fremen
[14:54] Ducce Lykin: so just lots of tau activities
[14:54] Ducce Lykin: what about the sand worms?
[14:54] Vynka Dean: what aoub them?
[14:54] Vynka Dean: we have a few in the desert.
[14:55] Ducce Lykin: you live peacefully among them?
[14:55] Vynka Dean: yes off course they are Shai- Hulud
[14:56] Ducce Lykin: our gods aha yes
[14:57] Ducce Lykin: do you have a clan here?
[14:57] Vynka Dean: we have a tribe in our sietch yes.
[14:58] Ducce Lykin: i would like to live in the sietch
[14:58] Ducce Lykin: would like to belong to a tribe
[14:58] Ducce Lykin: what’s your history and background etc.?
[14:58] Vynka Dean: its in the Backstory part of the forums..
[14:59] Ducce Lykin: aha i’ll have to read it dig it out.
[15:00] Ducce Lykin: so how big is your family in the stiech?
[15:00] Vynka Dean: we are forming famillies now we have 5 to be staged
[15:00] Ducce Lykin: are there opportunities for employment?
[15:00] Ducce Lykin: i would like to be apart of family
[15:01] Ducce Lykin: oh there is some one else here
[15:01] Vynka Dean: well there is no work that can make you linden
[15:01] Ducce Lykin: what shall my profession be…no linden is fine
[15:02] Ducce Lykin: is it possible to take a fremen bride?
[15:02] Vynka Dean: if you know the proper protocols yes. and your actitity is partly yours to decide on.
[15:03] Ducce Lykin: great to learn the protocol is in the forum?
[15:03] Ducce Lykin: do you have a fremen bride?
[15:04] Vynka Dean: nope it is in the encylopedia, but that can also be found through a link on th eforum
[15:05] Ducce Lykin: have you been in a tau?
[15:06] Vynka Dean: nope not yet since they have not ben started yet.
[15:06] Ducce Lykin: we can start one
[15:06] Ducce Lykin: what is role of concil?
[15:06] Ducce Lykin: do you fancy a fremen bride>
[15:07] Vynka Dean: the council decides on all major isuues including story lines and approval of members
[15:07] Vynka Dean: and no not at this time
[15:08] Ducce Lykin: aha so would you approval my membership?
[15:08] Vynka Dean: only after I have a little background on you and am certain that you have a good idea what you are getting yourself and us intl
[15:08] Vynka Dean: into
[15:09] Vynka Dean: and a little background means a little vbackground story on the fremen DucceLykin
[15:09] Ducce Lykin: aha i see very cool
[15:09] Vynka Dean: not the SL avatar but the character you will be playing
[15:10] Ducce Lykin: I see…well i will be a spice expert
[15:10] Ducce Lykin: i’m a scientist studying the spice…promote grow etc.
[15:10] Ducce Lykin: or maybe my eyes are impervious to spice and remain black
[15:10] Ducce Lykin: or maybe i’m maudib’s cousin
[15:11] Ducce Lykin: it could be that the spice doesn’t affect me the same way
[15:11] Vynka Dean: think about what you want and put it in a notecard.
[15:11] Ducce Lykin: i’m sober during a tau
[15:11] Vynka Dean: Then send it to me or Dracaena hnen
[15:11] Ducce Lykin: okay first i put it on paper
[15:12] Ducce Lykin: first and then on notecard
[15:12] Vynka Dean: Yeah make a notecard and send it to me also put in there you expect of the group
[15:12] Ducce Lykin: is the idea so far plausible?
[15:12] Vynka Dean: what you expect …
[15:13] Ducce Lykin: maybe i’ll be the one to betray the fremen
[15:13] Vynka Dean: a deep desert spice specialist would be workable, but you need to sto determin to thicht sietch you belong.
[15:13] Ducce Lykin: i expect lots of taus
[15:13] Ducce Lykin: what are my sietch choices
[15:14] Vynka Dean: ha well ill hafe to disappoint you on that. they wont happen very frequently if at all…
[15:14] Ducce Lykin: and i expect a fremen bride
[15:14] Vynka Dean: you have sietch Taber and the south sietch.
[15:14] Vynka Dean: again read through a few of the backstories befdore you begin.
[15:14] Vynka Dean: I have ot go.
[15:14] Ducce Lykin: i want to be near the deep desert stiech
[15:14] Ducce Lykin: thanks dean
[15:15] Ducce Lykin: holy wisdom of fremen
[15:15] Vynka Dean: sure. let me know when you need more info
[15:15] Ducce Lykin: okay
[15:15] Vynka Dean: gnight
[15:15] Ducce Lykin: gnight 

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4 Responses to “An Interview with Fremen Council Member”

  1. Jennifer Says:

    Just remember, fear is the mind killer.

  2. ducly Says:

    so wise Jennifer…and fear is also a tau killer!

  3. Rasmussen Says:

    * Photo [Malachi and I during the construction of the sim]
    * Video [The sandworms]

    With the introduction of voice to the Second Life grid, communication within virtual worlds takes on a remarkably broadband, sensory intensity. It is exciting to imagine where this medium will lead.

  4. ducly Says:

    Hi Ryan, Thanks for the photo and video post! I’m working on my History and have join the Dune Sim Project. I saw you on the member list.

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