An Interview with Rufus McCool/Penny

May 3, 2007

Earlier, I feature Rufus McCool here and asked Penny Cork a few questions. I didn’t see her email until now. Oops…Better late then never!

D: what was the inspiration for the pic?

Penny: “Rufus McCool: Library Day” is an extention of my character, Rufus McCool. He lives in Desert of the Mind, and has a regular life, though he dreams of becoming either an official spokesarmadillo, or an armadillo secret agent. Right now, though, he’s working at his mother’s salon, the Scuff-N-Buff. You can learn more about Rufus and his life by checking out his MySpace page at: He also writes a blog there.

D: (Aha, so I my hunch was right, Rufus is a full fledge being! with is very own myspace! How cool is that!) what matterial did you use?

Penny: This is an ACEO (Artist Cards, Editions and Originals) which are always 2.50″ by 3.50″, this card is 140lb Arches paper, watercolor, ink and prismacolor.

D: Tell us a little bit about yourself.
How did start to be an artist etc.

Penny: I am trained as a professional floral designer, and my background includes teaching art to adults with developmental disabilities. I’m married to the world’s best husband, who is an artist and musician, so he understands the challenges of living a creative life, and is tremendously supportive of my art and writing. I really jumped into ‘art’ as a career choice about a year ago, when I began painting ACEO’s. I’ve since branched out to larger watercolors, and assemblages. As a lifelong writer, I began a blog, and I also submit articles to I consider myself to be more of a designer, than an “artist.” My blog address is, if you’d like to check out my writing.

D: What do you think of PDX as a place to create art?

P: I think that a creative person will be a creative person, regardless of where she lives. I’ve only lived in Oregon, so, it’s all that I know. But, I have a strong imagination…

D: any good books to recommend?

P: Two books that everyone should have are the bible (or the spiritual guide of their choice) and a good dictionary.


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