Shooting Rubber Band at the stars…Jack Spade!

May 2, 2007

Ever since I was a kid, I had a fascination with rubber bands. We made jump ropes out of daisy chaining together the small round stretchy loops. I can make a five pointed and then a ten pointed star stretching them around my finger tips. It was almost a necessary skill to get into the cool club/tree houses. I would show the new kids on the block how this was done and they would welcome me to their pizza patio parties. The older kids would invite me to watch rocket launches. Looking at Jack Spade’s stores on line and features of his shop in magazine, I’m always reminded of those innocent boyhood times. Afternoons spent in the track fields flying kites and launching rockets. Or piling into a mini-van for a summer matinee of Star Wars. Well, Jack has grown up but not banish those good old times. In fact a lot of the products cater to those nostalgia.

Let’s look at a few products shall we? First there is the designer giant Rubber band. I’m already having ideas to experiment with it as an awesome sling shot. Those awesome bands can be disguised as elastics to hold together an important file in the board room. But hey when the CEO is not looking, a Rubberband war can break out! Or they can be an essential part of your Macgyver tool kit!

What I’m lusting after most at the moment is the Duck Canvase Pencil Case. Oh how sweet it is!

Check out unique books and cards from jack spade.

Andy Spade’s 10_essentials

JACK …Strikes Back

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