Russell + Hazel Arrival!

May 2, 2007


Oh my! I’m so excited to receive a box of Mini papers, pocket dividers, and other goodies from Kristie of Russell + Hazel. It is a beautiful blue, very summery, cloth bound three-ring binder. (Photo to follow). The metal rounded corner reinforcements are made of one form piece of metal, not mitered, this is very unique feat of engineering. The result is it’s smooth to the touch. Not like the other mitered metal that can scratch or snagg on your skin. The Patented ‘PerforMore’ has a nice snap to it. The metal spine has a slight bevel edge. It’s attached to the cover with two bolts at the top and bottom. The inside is cover with durable vinyl that can take the ink of a dry erase marker. There is a pattern of (+) which forms a grid like solid and void, positive and negatives.

Speaking of grid, I’m most excited with the grid. You know how many times I’ve had to count the grid spacing to get the center point of the paper? Many!!! I haven’t seen this feature in any grid paper and here it is. Such small but crucial details can make work better. 1/4 inch grid.

There’s also a fine line of perforation so I can tear the page from the binder. There are nine holes punched into the paper so it will fit a variety of binder styles. The binder can hold about 50 sheets with 5 tab dividers and 5 paper pockets.

Inventory: Mini Binder $14; Paper Pocket $8, 100 sheets of grid paper $8, 100 sheets of line paper $8; 5 tab dividers $8.

Rating: +++++

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2 Responses to “Russell + Hazel Arrival!”

  1. Jennifer Says:

    Oooh, so jealous. I’ve had my eye on those for a while now.

  2. ducly Says:

    Oh Jennifer, they are every bit worth it. Not very expensive either.

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