Snow Crash

April 30, 2007

‘The Art of Innovation’ led me to ‘Snow Crash‘. I started reading it over the weekend and didn’t want to put it down. It’s very funny. For some reason, I latched onto this book. Maybe it’s because it talks about the Metaverse. Recently, I got into Second Life (SL). I need to do a little bit of research to find out which came first. It talks about people building houses in the virtual world. I can see some similarities between the Metaverse that Neal Stephenson renders and the world of SL. I think this book has influenced a lot of people and companies. For example, the book talks about goggled into the virtual world through the vision apparatus, a goggle. Hm…Google sounds a lot like goggle. Was the book the source?

update: “The Metaverse is a fictional structure written in code” – Neal Stephenson


I’m not a big fan of Sc-fi books, but once in a while a book like ‘Snow Crash’ proves to be readable. I’ve try William Gibson’s ‘Neomancer’. I didn’t make the leap into it yet. Maybe it’s too far out there for me to grasp. ‘Snow Crash’ seems very plausible. I remember, in my younger days, buying David Brin’s ‘Startide Rising’ because it had a cool cover of the man and dolphin. Uplift series


6 Responses to “Snow Crash”

  1. Lifemuncher Says:

    It’s a classic! Diamond Age is even better.

  2. ducly Says:

    Hi Jennifer, Yeah I’ll probably have to check out Diamond Age. I heard they are going to make a t.v. series about it!

  3. Stephen Says:

    If you liked that, try “When Gravity Fails” by George Alec Effinger (1987). It’s just as plausible today as it was then…

  4. ducly Says:

    Thank you Stephen for your recommendation! I’ll check it out. Cool this is such a great way to build my List of Candidates list!-Duc

  5. csven Says:

    You might enjoy Gibson’s short stories that preceded “Neuromancer”. I still find them the most compelling stuff he’s written; and I’ve read most of his stuff.

  6. ducly Says:

    Thanks for the tip csven!

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